Meet Our Core Team

  • Jeroen Jansz

    Academic Director 

    Prof Dr Jeroen Jansz is the academic director of the CLI. He is in charge of current affairs and develops CLI’s policy in collaboration with the CLI team, the directors of education, the Learning & Innovation teams in the EUR schools and the Executive Board. More information:


  • Marieke Veenstra 

    Programme Director 

    Marieke Veenstra is an alumnus of the EUR, who graduated in history and sociology. During her studies she discovered her interest in organisation development and change processes. Marieke started her career at a large consultancy firm. After that she worked at the University of Amsterdam as marketeer and as an operations manager for ten years. She has been back at the EUR since 2000, at first as director of operations of a faculty and since 2011 as programme manager of large strategic programs. The first programme was about improving education support systems and processes. The implementation of Osiris was our most important project. In the next program, Digital is the New Normal, we created a user-friendly digital learning environment with Canvas and MyEUR.

    We continued the collaboration with the faculties and service departments in the Community for Learning & Innovation. Working together on change and improving processes is my passion and that is what CLI is all about. She is proud of the strong network that we have built which is focused on future oriented education. Together we will improve education!


  • Vanda Fortes

    Project Management Officer (PMO)

    Vanda Fortes is the newest member of the PMO team. As a PMO, she will be involved in monitoring, supporting and facilitating all activities related to CLI teacher professionalization as well as fellowships. Together with colleague PMO Sanne van Dijk, she will also focus on developing and further improving the internal processes. She attaches great importance to participation and cooperation in this, which in her view is one of the strengths of CLI. She is therefore looking forward to working with the CLI team to make their processes more successful and transparent.


  • Mirjam van de Woerdt 

    Project Manager 

    Mirjam is responsible for initiating, executing, monitoring and delivering projects that improve and renew education at EUR. In close coordination with faculties and services, she develops project ideas into project plans and strives for broad support for these plans. These projects can vary from small-scale to large-scale, with and without technology, for a single faculty or for several faculties. Mirjam is especially active in exploring and developing innovation projects in the field of online education; both at subject level and full (pre)master's programmes. This online education is specially designed for an active and committed contribution from the online student.


  • Hanna Emmering

    Community manager a.i.

    Hanna is the interim communication advisor and responsible for the overarching community management and content management for the CLI. She monitors the positioning and visibility of the CLI, advises the management team and project managers on positioning and communication, and strives to connect all projects and Schools. She also initiates and programs events together with the communication officer, such as network meetings, the annual Learning and Innovation bEURs and Innovation Jam, and provides the content on,, the CLI newsletter and socials.

    • Martine Bos

      Floormanager Education Lab

      Martine Bos has joined the CLI team as a floor and office manager since October 2020. The Education Lab is the beating heart of the Community for Learning & Innovation. The meeting place for everyone who wants to work together on innovation in education. As a floor manager, she is the permanent face of the Lab and the point of contact for lecturers, support staff and students who want to work in the Lab on educational innovations. In addition, as a spider in the web, she supports the core team where necessary. She is looking forward to meeting you in the Education Lab!


    • Linda de Bont

      Junior Projectmanager

      Linda de Bont has been involved with the CLI as a project leader since September 2020. As a project leader she is involved in supporting and managing various current projects within the CLI. Examples of projects are the project digitaal toetsen plateau 3 and the project for the European tender exercise software for mathematics, statistics and accounting education. As project leader of the CLI, it is important for Linda that, in addition to properly supervising current projects, she also keeps her eyes open for possible new projects to support the innovation of education.

    • Sanne van Dijk

      Project Management Officer (PMO)

      Since October 2021, Sanne van Dijk has been involved with CLI as Project Management Officer (PMO). She mainly manages the CLI project portfolio. On a daily basis she is involved in various activities related to setting up, monitoring and controlling innovation projects. In this way, she contributes to a smooth progress from start to finish of the project. In addition, an important part of her work is process optimization and the development of a structured way of working that ensures clarity. She loves being able to contribute to educational innovation with her project management experience.


    • Nick Tennekes

      Students-for-Students Chair

      As a student-member of the CLI Core Team, Nick is responsible to represent students in the day-to-day business of the CLI. Moreover, he is responsible for the Students-for-Students platform. Student organisations that want to offer educational activities, outside of the existing curriculum can collaborate through our platform, get advice, or ask for assistance to facilitate their activities through the platform. Any student that has a question regarding CLI or Students-for-Students should feel free to contact Nick. Nick is also actively involved in educational innovation as a University Innovation Fellow.

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