Student projects

Students-for-Students (S4S): better education for students, by students

S4S stimulates and facilitates students’ projects which contribute to improving the quality of education for students. S4S is funded by government resources, which are freed up by the abolition of the Dutch basic student grant (“basisbeurs”) and are now transferred directly to the universities to invest in the improvement of education. By enabling students to contribute to the improvement of their education, S4S brings these resources back to the students.

S4S initiatives

The S4S initiatives that currently receive support from us are:

Some inspiring examples of students-for-students projects – so-called “S4S initiatives” – are:

S4S initiatives are extra- or intracurricular educational projects, which are organized by and for students. The goal is to provide students with broadening or deepening knowledge and/or skills, which are not part of their regular curriculum.

Our story

The S4S Support Platform of the Erasmus University Rotterdam originates from an initiative proposal by University Council student member Daniel Sieczkowski and is inspired by Prof. Dr. Gert-Jan Kleinrensink, who has been running a similar and tremendously successful S4S support platform at the Erasmus MC - called the “Genootschap voor Extra-curriculaire Rotterdamse Studentenprojecten (GERS)”- since many years.

  • S4S offers support so that students can set up their S4S initiatives or further develop existing S4S initiatives. The S4S Support Platform can provide the following support:

    1. Advice (for example regarding marketing or organisation of events)
    2. Practical support in kind (rooms for events, facilities, etc.);
    3. Financial support.
  • You are eligible for support if your S4S initiative fulfils the following criteria:

    1. The initiative is educational and of sufficiently high academic quality;
    2. It includes some kind of “test” on what participants have learnt from it;
    3. It differs from existing initiatives;
    4. It benefits students who are no longer eligible for a basic student grant;
    5. It has been set out in a clear and feasible action plan;
    6. The available financial resources will be used in a sensible and economical way.
  • Are you wondering whether your idea is eligible? Or do you have any other questions? Then please contact us at and we’ll be happy to help you!

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Our team

  • Daniel Sieczkowski 

    Project coordinator Students-for-Students and (presidium) member of the EUR University Council

  • Nadine Nieuwstad

    Steering board member of the Community for Learning and Innovation and chair of the student body of the EUR University Council

  • Andreea Butnaru

    Student-assistent Students-for-Students

  • Dr. Pleunie van den Borne 

    Programme secretary Community for Learning and Innovation