Stichting Student en Leefstijl (Students and Lifestyle Foundation)

Our goal is to improve Dutch healthcare by educating future doctors to use healthy food and lifestyle as medicine. This is important because already more than 50% of the Dutch population suffers from one or more lifestyle-related-diseases, such as overweight, depression and diabetes. And only through “lifestyle-medicine” can we solve these problems.

To achieve our goals we organise courses on “lifestyle-medicine” at all medical schools in the Netherlands, build a community of ambassadors of our vision and together with like-minded organisations we do everything to persuade all Dutch University Medical Centres and the government to implement lifestyle-medicine and education about it.

However, recently we realised that the grand challenge of a “lifestyle-medicine-transition” (similarly as the transition to a sustainable society and society) cannot be achieved by doctors alone. Instead, we need the multidisciplinary potential of the brightest students’ minds from many other disciplines - like business, psychology, philosophy and economics - to tackle this wicked problem and all become happier and healthier, together. As a first step on this endeavour we will organise - at the start of 2020 and together with the Leiden Delft Erasmus Centre for Sustainability and various companies - a multidisciplinary lecture series about healthy lifestyle and food leading up to the IFAMA Conference 2020.

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