Turing Students Rotterdam

We are Turing Students Rotterdam, part of the biggest network of student tech-communities in the world. We work together to change the current educational system by providing tech-education and peer-to-peer learning. On the campus of the Erasmus University Rotterdam we are building a community of future tech-leaders. We are doing this by offering coding courses in state-of-the-art programming languages. For example, we have offered for the first time an introductory course in “R”, which connects perfectly to the curriculum of different studies at Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus School of Economics and many other faculties at the EUR. Besides our courses we are also inspiring our students by offering educational events about contemporary topics like smart-cities, cyber security and Bitcoin. We are also organising bootcamps and other social activities to extend the network of our students! We are providing the necessary hard skills to students who do not have a technical background and by doing so, launching their career in tech. We are doing this by organising courses ranging from an into-course beginner level to more advances courses. 

We have made an impact on our students the last few years by a mixture of events, courses and social gatherings. Our popular Turing Machine and Deeplearning course is becoming a true classic! We are part of Turing Society, a student network organisation which aim is to provide a whole new technological educational ecosystem to educate the future tech leader. 

CLI and Turing Students Rotterdam are, because of our common goal to build communities, a match made in heaven. We from TSR are adding our piece by creating a community for future tech-leaders and offering tech-education on the campus of the Erasmus University Rotterdam. The past few years we have built our collaboration with CLI further and we look forward to new and exciting projects which are a result of this partnership! 

Do you want to know more about us? Check our website and make sure you will follow us on Facebook, Instagram en LinkedIn! You can also send an email to president@tstudents.nl, we are always open for a coffee or a talk! Besides this, we are always on the lookout for new board- or committee members who would like to contribute to our vision from an organisational standpoint. 

Picture: Turing Students Rotterdam Team