Turing Students Rotterdam

Turing Students Rotterdam is part of the biggest network of student tech communities in the world, who are jointly working to change the educational system through tech. On campus, TSR is building a community of tech-leaders of the future by inspiring students through educational events, coding bootcamps and social activities. TSR enables students from all backgrounds to learn hard skills and start their career in the tech world.

Over the past years Turing Students Rotterdam has made an impact on the lives of students through their web development bootcamps, workshops, and speaker events. Consequently, there is a great fit between CLI’s efforts to build a community and Turing Student Rotterdam’s community of tech impact-makers and we are looking forward to the great things that will flourish out of this partnership! TSR is part of Turing Society, a social business that creates a complete tech education ecosystem with a goal to educate world's next generation of top coders.

Do you want to learn more about Turing Society or Turing Students Rotterdam? Check out the website and make sure to follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin! Or just send an email to president@tstudents.io, she’s always open to meet for a coffee! :)

Picture: Turing Students Rotterdam Team