Happy Student Society

The Happy Student Society was founded to create a supportive environment that promotes student well-being at our university. In today’s world, students strive for academic excellence whilst also face the pressure for having the perfect life on all other dimensions. By offering the tools and resources in how to deal with these challenges, we enable them to lead a productive and successful university life.

In this student-driven initiative we create more attention for the personal development of students by educating them about their mental/physical well-being. We do this in many creative ways, for example, by giving people chocolate and encouragement notes in the library during exam weeks or hosting workshops on how to cope with anxiety, stress and overthinking. We also have Student Ambassadors walking around campus to engage with students that feel lonely and want a conversation partner to have a sincere meaningful chat. All in all, we stimulate a good study environment in which all students feel welcome.

Do you want to learn more about Happy Student Society and the activities we host? Make sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn! Or just send an email to info.happystudent@gmail.com, we are always happy to meet new people! :)

We are supported by the Students-for-Students Platform, part of the Community for Learning and Innovation. Want to get support too? Visit eur.nl/s4s.