Building New Blocks

Increasing participation in higher education by equity-based interventions

Building New Blocks offers financial support to EUR students and staff for developing and evaluating projects that aim to promote equal opportunities in primary, secondary, and higher education.

Do you want to pilot a mentorship programme for Rotterdam's high school students? Do you have an idea that can increase students' sense of belonging? Then apply now!


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The goal of this grant application programme is to enable the EUR community to develop and evaluate equity-based interventions aimed to contribute to equitable educational opportunities and student-centered support for prospective and enrolled historically underrepresented students. In addition, the programme will contribute to an (academic) knowledge base on EUR-specific interventions.

Funded projects can vary in duration but must be finished before 2024 and to facilitate institutionalization in existing EUR structures, projects with a duration of 1-3 years will be preferred. Building new blocks differentiates between three types of projects, 'small', 'medium' and 'large' with different funding commitments. These and the basic requirements are outlined below

Small projects: €0-€5,000

Medium projects: €5,000-€25,000

Large projects: €25,000-€50,000

  • EUR student or staff
  • Project contributes to equal educational opportunities
  • Project is evaluated on process and/ or effect
  • Project has potential for future institutionalization

First Round

  • Wednesday, June 30th, 2021

Second Round

  • Thursday, September 30th, 2021 (conditional on remaining 2021 budget)

All applications are due at 12:00 PM (noon) Central European Time

Deadlines can be subject to change.

  • Carefully read the application guidelines
  • Make sure you meet the requirements for application 
  • Grant applications can be written in Dutch or English
  • Please avoid the use of technical abbreviations and jargon, unless adequately explained
  • Make sure the application is complete
  • Send your application to with the title “Building New Blocks 2021”
  • Submit your complete application before the deadline

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