ECHO Awards

Rewarding role models and drivers for social change

After nomination, students automatically join the ECHO Ambassadors community, a network of socially involved students and (young) professionals who have been nominated over the years. ECHO is organizing the ECHO Ambassadors Academy, a leadership program that will take place on the 26th of August 2023. After the nomination, students receive a formal invitation to participate in this program.

During the ECHO Ambassadors Academy, the brand new ECHO Ambassadors are introduced to the theory and practice of diversity and inclusion. In addition to getting familiar with frameworks and concepts to discuss the topic, the participants will engage in practical workshops in which they explore their role as ECHO ambassadors. In addition to developing understanding and skills, more information is also provided about the selection process and what they can expect from the follow-up process.

The ECHO Ambassadors Academy prepares students for opportunities that ECHO offers in activities aimed at strengthening diversity and inclusion in education and the labour market.

You can find out more about the Ambassadors Community on the ECHO website here.

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