Beyond 25/25: Towards Inclusive Academia

A programme to promote a more equitable and representative academic community
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EUR remains committed to social equity in our community and our research. We believe that all our academic staff should have equal chances to feel and be represented, and this programme is one of the ways to make it happen. Beyond 25/25: Towards Inclusive Academia is a great opportunity to gain objective insight, advice, and support on how to take the next step in your career.

In the last few years Erasmus University has taken a series of measures to create societal impact, also inside our campus, by promoting fairness and equity among students and employees in and beyond our campuses. In 2019, a policy measure, called 25/25, was launched to address the gender gap among the academic staff, with the aim of achieving at least 25% female full professors by 2025. The goal was accomplished before 2025, but we recognize that there is still a lot of space for growth toward an academic and research community that mirrors better our community at large. To learn more about the differences, you can consult the cultural barometer of CBS through this link.

Second round

As a result, the 25/25 program evolves in its second and final round to offer support to assistant and associate professors at our institution who need to bridge structural biases related to gender, nationality (non-Dutch or non-European), migration/ethnic minority background, following the CBS cultural barometer outcome. The second round adopts a new name to reflect the broadening of scope: Beyond 25/25: Towards Inclusive Academia.

The programme Beyond 25/25: Towards Inclusive Academia is open for all assistant and associate professors at EUR who recognize themselves as part of a structurally underrepresented group (gender, nationality, migration/ethnic minority background) and are aspiring to make a promotion to associate or full professors within 1-3 years. Besides supporting individual employees on their journey to promotion, the intention of this programme is also to create a cultural change, in the hope of supporting all the members of our community to achieve their goals. With this, we hope to contribute towards a more equitable, inclusive, and ultimately more diverse community.

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The benefits of this programme include

  • being part of a network of fellows
  • mentoring
  • academic-career tailored workshops
  • support for portfolio development
  • confidential advice by independent panels, and,
  • if eligible, financial compensation of up to 10.000 euros to cover gaps standing in the way of advancement of your career.

    If you are an assistant professor from an underrepresented group aspiring to become an associate professor within 2-3 years, or an associate professor aiming to become a full professor within 1-2 years, consider registering. Faculty Deans, department heads, and colleagues can also proactively nominate talented academic staff to join the programme. Those nominations will be followed up by the Beyond 25/25 team, who will reach out to nominees to invite them to participate in case they have not registered themselves yet.

    Registration for the programme

    Registration closed on September 22, 2023. If you have any questions, please email us at

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