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As a way to implement the Diversity & Inclusion policies, Faculty Diversity Officers have been pointed out to ensure the realization of Diversity & Inclusion all around the university. The list below gives an overview of all the Faculty Diversity Officers, sorted per faculty, who can be contacted for more specific information or questions concerning the individual faculties.

Erasmus School of Economics (ESE)

Erasmus School of Economics is the natural choice for ambitious students who wish to study economics or econometrics, for academics eager to contribute to relevant and challenging research and education, for alumni eager to learn and share their experiences, and for governments and firms seeking reliable advice.

Contact person is Dr. Teresa Marreiros Bago d'Uva


Erasmus School of Health Policy & Management (ESHPM)

ESHPM contributes to high quality, accessible, affordable, efficient, equitable and sustainable healthcare around the world. With their combination of top quality education, scientific excellence and societal relevance, ESHPM provides insight into the workings of healthcare and healthcare systems and how they can be improved to meet current and future challenges. With their practical involvement in policy and management in healthcare, ESHPM helps improve health and healthcare, impacting locally and globally and health care systems around the globe.

Contact person is Dr. Eline Linthorst


Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communications

ESHCC offers high-quality education, based on academic research, at the interface between the Humanities and the Social Sciences. We educate our ambitious Dutch and international students in a stimulating learning environment. After having completed their studies, our students have acquired knowledge, insight and skills that enable them to make an important and inspiring contribution to a society that is becoming increasingly more international and in which diversity plays a major role.

Contact person is Dr. Teresa De La Hera 


International Institute of Social Studies (ISS)

The International Institute of Social Studies (ISS) is an international graduate school of policy-oriented critical social science. It brings students and teachers together from the Global South and the North in a European environment.

The Diversity and Inclusion team at the International Institute of Social Studies (ISS) aims not only to detect and change what is wrong and needs to be improved, but, more importantly, to initiate a collective inward reflection to identify and acknowledge our own in-house expertise and our best diversity and inclusion practices in research, teaching and student mentoring.

ISS is committed to:

  • creating an inclusive educational experience for all students
  • attracting, retaining and developing a diverse workforce
  • integrating and embedding diversity in our research, teaching and mentoring practices

Contact person is Feroza Tedja.


Erasmus School of Law (ESL)

Erasmus School of Law is an international oriented faculty with its heart and soul rooted in Rotterdam. Their faculty is a breeding ground for academic talent in the field of (Tax) Law and Criminology. ESL aims to be a partner of legal practice, government, business, science and art. Erasmus School of Law facilitates education and research at an outstanding level.

Contact person is Dr. Franziska Weber 

Webpage of ESL


Erasmus Medical Centre (EMC)

Erasmus MC is the biggest and most diverse university medical centre in the Netherlands and is committed to achieving a healthy population and pursuing excellence in healthcare through research and teaching.

Contact person is Prof. Arfan Ikram 


Erasmus School of Philosophy (ESPhil)

Erasmus School of Philosophy of Erasmus University Rotterdam is a leading research and teaching institution in the Netherlands. The faculty has a broad international orientation, with many international students and staff members and strong connections with universities abroad. The research programmes of the academic staff members are generally leading in their field.

Contact person is Prof. Han van Ruler


Rotterdam School of Management (RSM)


RSM is working towards positive change to address big societal, economic and ecological challenges. They are convinced that business is a powerful instrument for solving them – and that change can be achieved. RSM aims to improve the practice of business and management through their research, their education, and their collaboration and engagement with their alumni and corporate and societal partners.

Contact person is Dr. Inga Hoever


Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Sciences (ESSB)

Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Sciences provides four Dutch-taught bachelor programmes and three international bachelor programmes. Students can choose from an attractive selection of about 30 master specialisations. In the past year, they welcomed over 2.100 new students to our faculty, with a large diversity of nationalities and socio-economic statuses. ESSB cherishes this diversity, which is consistent with their university-wide educational vision in which local and global are united: They educate students to become world citizens, with core values that are in line with the multicultural and enterprising metropolis of Rotterdam. 

Contact person is Prof. Laura den Dulk


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