The driving forces behind Recognition & Rewards

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At Erasmus University Rotterdam, several people are working on the success of the new Recognition & Rewards system. Meet our driving forces here!

The team

  • Portrait picture of Christien Bakker wearing a black jumper.
    Christien Bakker

    Senior policy advisor HR

    Christien Bakker is senior policy advisor HR. Within the Recognition & Rewards (R&R) programme she works together with the core team on the implementation of new aspects within EUR, including the Leadership programme and the HR Development Cycle. You can get in touch with Christien if you have questions about R&R HR frameworks within EUR.
  • Victor Bekkers
    Victor Bekkers

    Academic chair

    As the academic chair of the R&R programme and the Dean of ESSB, Victor is committed to a balanced appreciation of diverse qualities within academia. His pursuit of an inclusive working environment drives him to set a strategic course that provides space for diverse talents and career paths. You can contact Victor if you have questions about R&R within ESSB.
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  • Maarten Boksem

    Vice chair

    As a vice chair of the R&R programme, Maarten Boksem aims to drive a culture change in academia from his position of Associate professor at RSM. He sees the need for better appreciation of diverse talents and strives for a balanced recognition of qualities such as teaching, leadership and collaboration. Contact Maarten if you have questions about R&R within RSM.
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  • Daphne van de Bongardt
    Daphne van de Bongardt

    Vice chair

    As a vice chair of the R&R programme within EUR, Daphne van de Bongardt is committed to raising awareness about the importance of R&R and making R&R concrete. Daphne is an Associate professor at ESSB. She strongly believes in the power of diverse perspectives and talents to address complex issues. Daphne is committed to implementing R&R at the different levels of EUR. You can contact Daphne if you have questions about R&R within ESSB.
  • Eveline Braber

    Project officer R&R

    Eveline Braber, project officer R&R, supports several EUR Schools with their projects and initiatives around recognising and rewarding academic staff. You can contact Eveline if you have questions about R&R matters related to HR and Schools such as ISS, ESHCC, and ESHPM.
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  • Bálint Hardy

    Project officer

    As a project officer, Bálint Hardy is involved in implementing initiatives and projects for academic staff within R&R. You can contact Bàlint if you have questions about topics such as: the use of narratives in the context of R&R, team science and R&R of impact activities. He is also the contact person for the following Schools: RSM, ESE, ESPhil, ESL and ESSB.
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  • Bianca Langhout
    Bianca Langhout

    Programme manager for strategic initiatives

    As a programme manager for strategic initiatives Recognition & Rewards and Evaluating Societal Impact, Bianca Langhout brings together her knowledge of academia and project management. You can contact Bianca if you have questions or ideas about the strategic planning of the R&R programme within EUR.
  • Giovanna Lima
    Giovanna Lima

    Senior project officer

    As a senior project officer, Giovanna focuses on the conceptualization of new frameworks of R&R within EUR, the organisation of the R&R toolbox and the implementation of R&R within all Schools of EUR. You can contact Giovanna if you have questions or ideas about R&R frameworks or the toolbox.
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  • Portrait photo of Maud van Roessel with a white background.
    Maud van Roessel

    Junior researcher and project officer

    Maud van Roessel, junior researcher and project officer for the R&R programme , deals with the communication around R&R and the tools. She also supports the evaluation of R&R activities. Please contact Maud if you have any questions about R&R communication within EUR.
  • Alise Scerbinina

    Project officer

    As a project officer, Alise Scerbinina focuses on the communication and implementation of the R&R programme. In addition, she supports the Erasmus University Medical Center (EMC) in implementing R&R. You can contact Alise if you have questions regarding communication of the R&R programme or if you have questions about R&R at EMC.
  • Portrait photo of Anna Smulders wearing a blue jean blouse.
    Anna Smulders

    Design researcher

    Anna Smulders, design researcher with the R&R programme team, develops tools that contribute to the implementation and understanding of the goals of R&R. Please contact Anna if you have any questions about the design of our tools and/or workshops.
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