Sustainable Purchasing

Sustainability aspects play an important role for Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) in selecting (potential) suppliers. In this way, the university actively contributes to sustainable business operations. 

Within EUR, the procurement and tendering plan aims to provide a future-oriented interpretation of the development of the procurement function. In addition to improving the legitimacy and further professionalisation, the plan also offers guidelines for sustainable procurement. EUR continues to work on improving its procurement strategy. The renewed procurement policy for 2021 - 2024 is expected in the second quarter of 2021.

Currently, 50% of the tenders include a sustainability criterion. The ambition is to increase this to 75% within two years. In order to secure sustainability aspects in every tender, the Programme Manager for Sustainability has been involved since 2018 in the strategy formation of all procurement projects in advance. The advice of the Programme Manager weighs heavily in this process.

Assistant Purchasing Platform

Within the academic world, EUR is accountable for the efforts made on the University Procurement Platform (UPI). Within this platform of Dutch universities, information and knowledge is shared but also tools such as programme requirements. And sometimes certain services/goods are purchased together.

In addition, EUR is actively participating in the UPI-MVI-growth model developed in 2016. Through this growth model, all the tenders are evaluated in terms of Socially Responsible Purchasing (MVI). Through this model the efforts to purchase socially responsible are encouraged and made measurable.

European sustainability criteria

For European tenders, EUR always uses the sustainability criteria of the Netherlands Enterprise Agency that are specially developed for European tenders: the PIANOO MVI criteria. Furthermore, EUR endorses the OESO guidelines for Multinational Enterprises (version 2011). These guidelines instructs how to deal with issues such as chain responsibility, human rights, child labour, the environment and corruption. EUR expects her suppliers to respect these guidelines and communicates this in her tender documents.

Lastly, the project leader of the Participation Law ('Participatiewet') is consulted during tenders, to make sure that responsibilities that EUR has according to this law are met with new procurements.

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