Basic Examiner Qualification


The BEQ trajectory is a compact individual portfolio trajectory that can be customized and covers the entire subject-level assessment cycle from design to evaluation. The program is intended for teachers who would like to renew or adapt the assessment of their subject to the circumstances. The BEQ is also useful if you would like to expand your knowledge and skills in this area, so that you can advise others (e.g. as member from an assessment committee).

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Dutch and English

What will you achieve?

  • A BEQ certificate that allows you to demonstrate your assessment skills and knowledge.
  • An efficient refresher and expansion of your current knowledge and skills in assessment.
  • More confidence to make decisions based upon your assessment results.

Start dates

  • On demand

Content and form

For the BEQ you need to participate in a series of 3 (or more) BEQ MicroLabs, which are scheduled 2 times per year for open-enrollment. You also need to complete the corresponding Proofs of Competence. At the end of the trajectory, your portfolio containing the Proofs of Competence is assessed for the BEQ certificate. You can follow these MicroLabs:

  1. How to design an assessment plan for your course
  2. How to construct assignments & alternative modes of assessment AND/OR How to construct exams & questions
  3. How to analyze & evaluate your assessment

Descriptions and dates for these MicroLabs can be found on the website of the Community for Learning and Innovation


Marit Nieuwenhuys

Educational consultant & course coordinator

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The cost of participation - whether individual or group - is fully subsidized by the Community for Learning and Innovation.

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Start date
On demand
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Instruction language
Dutch and English

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  • If you would like to sign up for the BEQ, please complete the online application form. You can select the MicroLabs you want to enroll for in the form. 
  • For Erasmus MC: send an email to Individual enrollment is not possible for Non-EUR teachers.

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