Privacy Statement National Student Survey (NSE)

The National Student Survey (NSE) is a large-scale annual national survey in which all students in higher education are invited to share their opinion of their study programme and the facilities at their institution. For the purpose of this survey, Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) processes students’ personal data. Further details about the personal data processed by the EUR are set out below.

An amendment to the Dutch Higher Education Act (WHW) means that as a higher education institution, the EUR is required to submit student data to Studiekeuze123, which runs the NSE, so that it can then invite students to participate in the survey. The Act stipulates that funded institutions are legally required to share the following data: the study programme (title/code and whether it is full-time or part-time), the academic year (first year or higher), the type of degree (regular, post-master’s or pre-master’s), the institution’s e-mail address and the student’s preferred language.

Linking NSE results for in-depth analyses

Student participation in the NSE is voluntary. Students may choose whether their response is processed anonymously or can be traced back to the educational institution at which the student is enrolled. If the student consents, the EUR will link the results from the NSE to the participating student’s background data, allowing more in-depth analyses to be conducted. This link is made through the e-mail address of the institution attended by the student.

Purpose of the survey

The EUR would like to be able to perform in-depth analyses for the purpose of evaluating, monitoring and improving its study programmes and education policy, as well as its associated services. Linking the responses in the NSE questionnaire to the student’s background data allows us to analyse the differences in NSE scores among various groups of students, giving us a clearer picture of the specific wishes of each group, for example domestic or international students, or students in different tracks/specialisations within a study programme. If the student consents to the linking of their responses in the NSE questionnaire to their background data in Osiris through the e-mail address of the institution concerned, the following data of the student will be used:

  • Domestic or international student
  • Variant, track or specialisation within the main study programme
  • Specifically for Erasmus School of Economics, bachelor’s degree: chosen major in Bachelor 3
  • Specifically for Erasmus School of Law, bachelor’s degree, prior education: HBO propedeuse* in Law, HBO propedeuse* in Other (*passed first year at university of applied sciences), VWO (pre-university diploma), Other
  • Specifically for Erasmus School of Law, bachelor’s degree: positive/negative/postponed BSA

Duration of the survey

The NSE starts on 6/10/2020 (kick-off meeting) and ends on 7/7/2021 (final meeting). The fieldwork runs from 18/1/2021 to 14/3/2021.

Retention periods

The data supplied will be destroyed within six months of the NSE being completed.

Technical and organisational measures

To provide your personal data with optimal protection against unauthorised access or use, the EUR uses appropriate security technology. We always report any actual or attempted abuse. The EUR also takes organisational measures to secure personal data against unauthorised access.

Digital office

Click here to submit a request to view or make changes or corrections to your data. You can also use the digital office to withdraw your consent.

Controller contact information

The EUR is the Controller responsible for linking the results from the NSE questionnaire with the participating students’ background data. If you have any questions or comments about our privacy statement, please feel free to contact us by filling in the contact form on the website or sending an e-mail to

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