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Connecting Erasmus' honours students

Strive further with the HonEURs Association!

The HonEURs Association is the official student association of the diverse, talented group of students found at the Honours Programmes offered at Erasmus University Rotterdam. Our vision is of a thriving honours community, which encourages and facilitates exchange between Erasmus’ Finest.

In order to build this community, we organise a range of social, professional and educational events for you. For example, you can meet fellow honours students and expand your network during one of our social drinks. We also offer you the opportunity to connect to key recruiters from high-quality companies during one of our in-house days. We also organise an annual study trip, in which we combine exploring a new city and culture with visits to quality universities, international organisations and superior local businesses.

"We are providing a social and professional platform for a diverse group of bright students."

Your goals and passions

We are looking forward to collaborating closely with you to make our vision a reality! Our concept centers around creating events that are tailor-made to your goals and passions. Therefore, our board will always strive to bring the most relevant, high-quality content and events to you. However, in order to do this, we will need your help! If you have any feedback on our activities, or suggestions for the future, do not hesitate to tell us in-person or in a message.

We are delighted to announce that the Erasmus Honours Academy sponsors the memberships of all first year Honours students. We strive to make your entire honours experience, both as a current honours student and future alumnus, as enjoyable as possible.

HonEURs Board 2020-2021

HonEURs board 2020-2021 (left to right): Julius Klaassen, Maren Ludwig, Artus Assmann, Keisha Matthews, Pieter Zhao.

Stay up to date

Remember to stay up to date by liking our Facebook Page and visiting our website to subscribe for the events that the HonEURS Association organises for honours students and alumni! 

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