Study in Holland

Introduction to the Netherlands

You probably know the Netherlands (or Holland) for its tulips, although that’s not likely to be very relevant to you. There’s so much more to tell! The Netherlands, or Holland, has 16 million inhabitants, is one of the smallest countries in Europe, but has one of the most important and most innovative economies. Its capital is Amsterdam and Rotterdam is the country’s second largest city. “A well organised country with open people”, is what internationals say. Nice to know: Holland was the first country in Europe to offer study programmes taught in English. English is an important language in other ways too. In the Netherlands, it’s no problem if you can’t order your drinks in Dutch: the bartender will switch to English for you. Simple!

Why study in the Netherlands?

Besides guaranteeing a high quality study programme and an internationally recognised degree, Holland offers you a good time. It’s safe and everything is close by. After a few weeks, you’ll be doing everything by bike, eating sandwiches for lunch and saying ‘gezellig’ (try to pronounce that typical Dutch word!) when you’re meeting your friends. You’re welcome in the Netherlands!

Advantages of studying in the Netherlands

Students acknowledge Dutch education for its quality, high standards and top ranking positions. But most importantly: professors and teachers take you, your ideas and your contribution seriously. They are very approachable and encourage you to develop critical and independent thinking. This will prove its worth during the rest of your career and life.

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