Subsidy scheme for the Erasmus University Rotterdam Special Provisions Fund

The Erasmus University Rotterdam Special Provisions Fund supports one-off activities organized by EUR student groups/organisations in the field of cultural, aesthetic and general social education, by providing a guarantee subsidy.

Activities that qualify for support meet the following criteria:

  • The activities are not an extension of the study programme such as symposia and study trips;
  • The activities are to all EUR students;
  • The participants and / or spectators also contribute financially in any way
  • The activities promote the participation of the participating and visiting students.

Activities that are organized by student groups / organizations, but that do not fully meet the above criteria, can nevertheless be eligible for subsidy if they contribute to the cultural, aesthetic and general social climate envisaged by the EUR.

All cases listed above are guarantee subsidies.

Guarantee subsidies are requested at least 1 month prior to the event. The application consists of a description of the activity, taking into account the criteria mentioned above and a budgetplan. Additional information may be requested.

After the activity, the guarantee subsidy (or part thereof) can be requested by submitting the final financial statement.

The guarantee subsidy can be requested up to 1 year after the activity.

The application is addressed to:

Mrs. drs. Lilian I.M. Jillissen
Director Education & Student Affairs 
PO Box 1738
3000 DR Rotterdam, The Netherlands