SSH offers accommodation for roughly 20% of our yearly incoming international students. These rooms are reserved for international students staying in the Netherlands for 12 months or less. They will be claimed on a first come first serve basis.

SSH will handle the whole process – from making a room reservation to payments. But certainly EUR is constantly in touch with SSH ‘behind the scenes’ to make sure the quality and services level remain high.

Room rates

The rent for short stay accommodation for international students is in general always higher than rents Dutch students are paying. This is because you are renting fully furnished accommodation including several extra services that is available upon your arrival.

Prices for short stay accommodation range between € 435 and € 680 including services. You will find actual rental prices and what is included or not on the website of SSH.

Location rooms

All SSH accommodation designated for short stay is located on Woudestein campus or within walking distance of campus. You can pre-select your accommodation. On the SSH website, you can check out the range of available accommodation. It goes without saying that if you’re late making a reservation, fewer options will be available.


All the accommodation offered by SSH meets the same quality standards. However, some rooms are more attractive than others: some are brand-new, others less so. Fortunately, SSH managed to renovate all of its supply of existing rooms this year or even replace them with new ones.

Rental procedures

We would strongly recommend that you read all information about the room reservation procedures as well as the information on SSH’s terms and conditions. This way, you will know what to expect.

Terms of notification

Please be aware of the fact that short stay rooms are available through SSH on a fixed-term tenancy only, meaning that the tenancy cannot be terminated early. A Tenancy Agreement can only be terminated before the end of the term in case of premature cancellation of the course with permission of the educational institution (Tenants' manual).

All about SSH student rooms

Would you like to have information on matters such as reservations, exact room rates, pictures of rooms and an explanation of the rental procedures? All of this can be found on the website of SSH.