The introduction of a new student loan system has led to funds released by the Dutch government to invest in education at universities and in higher professional education. The main goal is to visibly improve the quality of education, with an emphasis on more teaching staff. The Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science stated in 2018 these so-called HOKA funds must fall in one or more of the following thematic categories (please see the menu on the left):

  • Educational intensity: more intensive and small-scale education;
  • Student counseling: more and better counseling of students;
  • Educational differentiation;
  • Study success;
  • Educational facilities: appropriate and adequate educational facilities;
  • Teacher professionalization: further professionalization of teachers (teacher quality).

In addition, the specific goals of Erasmus MC to improve the quality of education are highly important. The faculty has therefore drawn up the Erasmus MC 2020-2024 Quality Agenda in consultation with the employee and student participation bodies. The Erasmus MC 2020-2024 Quality Agenda is put into practice in the so-called covenant agreements.

Erasmus MC students and staff have received a call to submit project ideas for improving the quality of education. Those who have submitted promising project ideas will be asked to work out a project plan that will be assessed by the program directors, employee and student participation bodies and quality assurance advisors. Ultimately, the dean decides which projects will be submitted for approval. The first call in 2018 resulted in 14 projects that are currently being carried out. The next call (April 2020) is aimed at project proposal with a prospective start in early 2021 with a maximum duration until the end of 2024.  

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