Project submission

HoKa projects must be embedded in the policies of the faculty and program for which they are written. Therefore, some ground rules and regulations are important.

  1. HoKa projects are intended to improve the quality of our courses. It is therefore critical that the program director or directors recognize the urgency of the proposed project and wholeheartedly support it.
  2. Therefore, the first step, before the writing process begins, is a meeting with director of the program for which the project is being written. The program director will discusses the project with the vice-dean and let you know if the project may be written and submitted.
  3. In principle, a program director is the owner of the project and thus bears great responsibility for its success. For large cross-program projects, the pro dean or director of R&D is the owner
  4. There are 2 formats available for writing the project plan:
    1. Projectplan Format
    2. Budget Format
  5. The project plan may be submitted to the project coordinator a.i. (Leen Blok: The project coordinator reviews the project for completeness. Only complete projects will be considered. From here, depending on the speed of action of the various actors, at least 3 months are needed before the project can start.
  6. When the project plan is complete, the project coordinator requests permission from the vice-dean to submit the project for advice.
  7. Subsequently, the project coordinator seeks advice at three levels:
    1. The program directors
    2. The program committees (program committee on medicine and/or program committee on research masters).
    3. The Joint Assembly (Gezamenlijke Vergadering)
  8. The advice and questions asked are processed by the submitter after which the final project plan is submitted to the project coordinator a.i. (Leen Blok:
  9. Subsequently, the vice-dean submits the project proposal to the Joint Assembly for approval.
  10. After assent, the project coordinator will apply for a project number and cost center and call a kick-off meeting after which the project can start.

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