Support and wellbeing

The health, safety and mental wellbeing of our PhD candidates has a priority within Erasmus MC Graduate School. Several initiatives have been launched to support our PhD candidates during their PhD Journey.  

One of the ways Erasmus MC Graduate School fosters an environment of well-being for its PhD candidates is through intervision. Intervision is a method we use to collaboratively analyze the experiences PhD candidates (have) come across during their PhD trajectory in a practical and systematic way, together with peers: other PhD candidates from different departments at Erasmus MC, who are in the same phase of their PhD track. This analysis leads to solutions, alternatives and advice, and will often also give more insight into own functioning.

Intervision Sessions take place several times a year. At the same time, we offer supervisor training sessions to help guide their intervision groups. For more information for PhD candidates and supervisors about the set up and who can join, go to STIP.

Erasmus MC Graduate School supervisors guide one or more intervision groups (max. 8 PhD candidates). Before starting as a supervisor, they join the start session and additionally a training session. If you want to learn more about what the role of a supervisor of intervision for PhD candidates entails and what the time investment over the course of 4 year is, please click here.

As part of pre- and onboarding, Erasmus MC Graduate School offers a buddy program. Within this programme, new international PhD candidates will be paired with a buddy; a more experienced PhD candidate. The buddy will support the new PhD candidate and answer questions that they may have about life in the Netherlands and working at Erasmus MC. More information is available for current PhD candidates here (internal only).

Erasmus MC Graduate School is collaborating with OpenUp, a well-being platform, to ensure all our PhD candidates have direct access to any mental health support they may require. OpenUp provides quick and approachable access to mental health courses, health checks, interviews and 1-on-1 consults with a psychologist via phone, online chat and video.

For more information about OpenUp for PhD candidates go to Agora (internal only).

Erasmus MC Graduate School offers a coaching program to second- and third-year PhD candidates. Through this program, PhD candidates will have the opportunity to participate in professional development-oriented coaching sessions. These sessions will provide a platform for them to discuss their ongoing careers, make significant decisions for their future paths, and address any uncertainties they might be facing. 

Click here for more information about the program. Registration opens once a year. PhD Candidates that are eligible for the coaching program will be invited via email. 

International community 
The International Community is for every international employee and PhD candidate at Erasmus MC who is eager to meet and greet new people. As a community, they organize several get-togethers, such as the Welcome in Rotterdam event, where they can connect with others. More information about the international community can be found here (internal only).

Promeras is the representative body for all PhD candidates at Erasmus MC. Their main goal is to stand up for PhD candidates, their rights, may it be the right to receive the highest quality supervision or the right to have the best education. Promeras aspires for high quality and education and organizes social events to promote networking among fellow PhD candidates. Erasmus MC PhD candidates will automatically become a member. Read more about Promeras here

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