Switching institutions

If you are switching to Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) from another university in the Netherlands, and you are in the possession of a residence permit for study purposes that is valid for at least 6 more months from the moment you start your studies at EUR, you do not have to apply for another residence permit immediately. However, you do need to take care of two procedures:

1. In order to finalise your registration at EUR, the Student Administration Department needs a copy of your current residence permit as soon as possible. We advise you to submit the copy of your permit immediately after you register for your programme through Studielink. Please contact the ESSC for assistance.

2. In order to remain eligible for your permit, EUR must notify the Dutch Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) about your switch.

By completing the form below, you can authorise EUR to inform the IND about your switch. Please keep in mind that the International Office EUR can only proceed with notifying the IND once your registration at EUR is fully complete (including the payment of the tuition fees). 

Proof of financial means

In the form, you must upload documentation to prove that you have sufficient financial means to cover your living expenses during your studies at EUR (min € 875 for each month of study). There are various ways to prove your financial solvency. See the document 'Criteria for proof of financial means' for more information.

Does your permit expire within six months?

The procedure described here just aims at informing IND about your switch to EUR, and it does not involve an extension of your permit. In case your residence permit expires within six months after you start your studies at EUR, and you intend to study with us for a longer period of time, we strongly therefore advise you to apply for an extension of your residence permit instead.

Form for students switching to EUR

Please send the completed Switching Institutions form to immigration@eur.nl. Don't forget to complete the checklist mentioned in the Switching Institutions form.

(For International Institute of Social Studies (ISS) students a different procedure is in place. You will be contacted by your faculty regarding changes in your permit.)

Lost your residence permit?

Yep, it’s lost / stolen.

Advice & counselling

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