We create social safety together

During 4 intensive sessions in which more than 60 ESHPM members took part, we discussed what social safety means at ESHPM and what ESHPM wants to stand for in terms of social safety. We drew the conclusion that this is not only realised through protocols or certain officers. Social safety is something we create together, every day anew, in everything we do. It is also a broad term with many different aspects. For us, the core is that social safety means an open culture in which:

  • we can talk to each other about subjects that are sometimes sensitive
  • we treat each other with respect, in a collegial and friendly manner
  • we see each other and express appreciation
  • we aim for unity and cohesion, yet with attention to diversity and acceptance of (cultural) differences
  • we listen to each other, are not too quick to judge and support and help each other where necessary
  • people with different personalities, political preferences, faiths, backgrounds, natures, genders or any other differences whatsoever can work together
  • there is scope for a respectful dialogue or discussion, for critical thinking and new ideas and positions

As employees and students at ESHPM, we aim to improve social safety and to continually devote attention to this, so that we create an environment in which everyone can feel safe and can perform to the best of their ability. Everyone must feel safe to discuss inappropriate behaviour or socially unsafe situations with each other. It must be clear and easy to find and obtain help and to know what will happen with a report. 

Our goal is to realise a socially safe culture in practice. 

Read the stories of...

‘The discussion needs to loosen up’

Double interview with Rector Magnificus Annelien Bredenoord and Social Safety Officer Hester van de Bovenkamp on social safety at EUR and how we can work on more social safety for everyone.

Dubbelinterview met Annelien Bredenoord & Hester van de Bovenkamp

‘A question of being seen and daring to show yourself’

We interviewed Education Service Centre employee John Piarelal on social safety, with attention to positive and negative experiences on the work floor. In this way, we discover the steps forward together.

Interview met medewerker John Piarelal

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