The Code of Integrity of Erasmus University Rotterdam gives direction to the desired conduct of our staff and students. With this Code of Integrity, we offer our staff and students a guide to call each other to account for the realisation of a safe and pleasant working and study environment.

In our daily work and during our studies, we may be confronted with dilemmas concerning integrity. The Code of Integrity therefore describes the important values, norms and standards that help us find out what is the right thing to do. It also mentions the contact persons employees and students can turn to with questions.

In addition to the Code of Integrity, Erasmus University Rotterdam has developed a Dilemma Game aimed at strengthening professionalism and integrity in research. This Dilemma Game uses common dilemmas in science and invites to discuss them with each other.

Download here our Code of Integrity


Regulations, guidelines and schemes

A guideline, regulation or code has been drawn up for many different subjects. An overview of all these different subjects is available on the pages Regulations, guidelines and schemes.

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