Master Exchange

On the page 'Courses' you will find the courses that Master Exchange students may choose from.

The courses are from our "MSc Health Economics, Policy & Law (HEPL)" and “MSc Health Care Management (HCM)”. The language of instruction is English.

Health Care Management (HCM)

One way to achieve this is having health care delivery organised in multidisciplinary networks of professionals and organisations. Living, welfare, working life and health care should be in step with one another or, better still, become integrated. We find these and other issues all over the world. It is not surprising, therefore, that solutions for complex problems are often found in an international context. The master in Health Care Management fits in seamlessly with these developments.

Health Economics, Policy and Law

Education objectives

  • Have an understanding of global healthcare issues and national healthcare systems.
  • Have the analytical skills and the conceptual knowledge to understand the complexities of healthcare systems.
  • Be able to take a legal, economic, and managerial approach in advancing your arguments