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During your Bachelor, MyFuture can play an important role in your personal development. Because various modules are offered via the MyFuture Canvas course, you get the opportunity to further develop your skills and to experience personal growth in addition to your academic growth. Maybe you want to learn more about how to put together a good CV, or you want to make your goals even more concrete. In addition, skills such as networking and giving feedback will come in handy during your studies and future career. At MyFuture you get the opportunity to develop yourself in these different skills. Discover your potential and distinguish yourself from the rest!

If you register for the MyFuture Canvas course you will have access to our digital modules and you will be kept informed about new further developments within MyFuture. Because MyFuture's Canvas modules are available all year round, you can work on developing your skills whenever it suits you! The following modules are available:

  • Goalsetting

    Have you ever stopped to think about what you really want to achieve? What do you want to do after your studies? What is really important to you?

    In the Goalsetting module of MyFuture you will work with these questions, among other things. You set your most important goals for yourself and will even go a few steps further! You will reflect on your greatest desires and devise a plan to achieve your goals. This way you can effectively convert these wishes into achievable goals. This makes it easier to separate important and unimportant things from each other and it becomes easier to motivate yourself to achieve your goals.

  • CV building and networking

    In this module you will learn everything you need to know about CV building and networking. In the field of CV building you will learn, among other things, how to build a good CV, what you should and should not put on your CV and how the layout of your CV can stand out. You will also receive a number of tools and tips to prepare your own CV while following the module. This way you are well prepared for future applications!

    In the field of networking, you will find out what the value of a network is and how you can use your network to achieve your (career) goals. You will also learn how to expand and maintain your network and how to build a digital network through LinkedIn.

  • Feedback

    In the Feedback module you will learn everything about giving and receiving feedback and also how best to ask for feedback. In each of these phases, you can play a bigger role than you think when it comes to making the feedback more constructive and valuable. Finally, you learn what you can do with the feedback, so that the feedback provider can see that you have taken feedback to heart.

    With the tools that are provided to you in the module, you will learn everything you need to know about feedback. You will then work with the theory while making a number of assignments. After you have completed the module, it is up to you to apply the knowledge you have gained in practice!

Do you want to start with (one of) the modules? Register here for the Canvas course!

In September 2021, the range of online modules will be further expanded. Keep an eye on the website for the launch of the modules!


For master's students, we offer various workshops where they can develop on a personal and professional level. During the master you will delve into a specific direction. Gradually you will be prepared for the step to the labour market. But what can you expect? There are several skills that give you a big head start in your search for a job and during the application process. How do you make the best impression during a job interview? And what non-verbal message are you conveying? In addition to career-related skills, we cover much more, such as presentation skills, project planning and time management. Our variety of workshops will allow you to develop both personally and professionally!

The various MyFuture workshops are offered in collaboration with the master’s coordinators of all master’s programs of Erasmus School of Law. The offer can therefore differ per master’s.

MyFuture offers workshops in the following skills and much more:

Foto van overzicht workshops MyFuture EN

Are you interested in a particular workshop, but not sure whether it will be offered within your master's program next year? Please contact us via the contact page.

Career Services

As you have already seen above, the MyFuture program focuses on developing '21st century skills' among Law students. In this context, an important part of the program focuses on mapping out the career path that best suits the abilities and qualities of each individual student. It is good for students to think about questions such as: Who am I? What do I want? What do I find important? And where do I want to go? MyFuture helps to answer these questions by providing certain tools during the workshops and in the modules.

Something you perhaps did not know is that law students studying at Erasmus School of Law can also contact the Career Services department of Erasmus University Rotterdam for career-related topics. Take a look at the website via this link! You will see that there is a wide range of tips and tricks that you can read on the site itself, as well as workshops that you can register for. Examples of workshops you can sign up for are the following: networking, cover letter and resume and an online course on effective job search strategies. It is also possible to make individual appointments with career counselors and you can have your CV, LinkedIn profile or application letter checked.

The offers of MyFuture and Career Services complement each other in a good way and give students the opportunity to prepare as best as they can for the choices they will make in the field of study and career. At MyFuture, we focus on soft skills and asking yourself the right questions, while the department of Career Services facilitates more concrete guidance if you already know more about which direction you want to take. So, take a quick look at the site and take control of your career!

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