Why MyFuture?

T-shaped Professional

Specialist and generalist

The professional of the 21st century is not only expected to have in-depth expertise. In addition to specialised knowledge, multidisciplinarity is essential. Nowadays, successful candidates on the labour market must be able to communicate effectively and be result-oriented, stress-resistant and driven: the profile of the T-shaped professional. A T-shaped professional has specialist knowledge and skills in his field (the vertical part of the T), but also has various skills and knowledge to connect with people from other disciplines (the horizontal component of the T). Innovation comes with the right balance of subjects. The proper certificate and work experience are, therefore, not always enough to secure your dream job. Multidisciplinary work is becoming increasingly important in the changing labour market. A T-Shaped professional is a specialist and a generalist.

What do we offer you?

Due to the changing labour market and the need for generalists, MyFuture helps you by training you in some of the most requested skills. That way you will be ready for the labour market of tomorrow. In consultation with students, (young) alumni and professional practice, we have created MyFuture to your wishes and needs. A program for and by students!

Invest only a few hours in yourself and immediately notice the difference during your studies, your first steps into the job market and in your daily life!

Create your own Future.

The MyFuture programme is based on four pillars:

  • Goalsetting

    To be successful, you have to set goals. It is easier for you to stick to your goals when you know what your goals are! Why did you start this study, what can you do with your studies, and what do you want to achieve with it?

  • Awareness

    Awareness precedes Goalsetting. By following inspiring workshops, you lay a solid foundation for yourself that will benefit you for the rest of your (study) career.

  • Skills

    To best achieve the goals that you have set, you must be competent in your studies and on the labour market.

    MyFuture Skills
  • Giving Back

    In the MyFuture workshops, you will be introduced to inspiring speakers, older students and alumni.

    giving back

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