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Philosophy (part-time)
Master in Philosophy

What does this study entail?

The Master of Arts Philosophy Now is the place where cutting edge philosophical research meets the classroom. You will engage in contemporary philosophical debates centered on the great societal challenges of our time.

For better or for worse, we live in interesting times. There is not only a gap between the manifest and scientific images of reality, but a general challenge to our imagination that articulates politically and artistically no less than technologically and scientifically. Philosophy seeks coherence where the separate disciplines generate specialized expertise, and thereby enriches our ability to forge futures worthy of living.

In this MA programme, you learn to navigate the changing ways in which we relate to nature, media, each other and ourselves, drawing on diverse philosophical traditions and methods as well as cultivating a strong interdisciplinary sensibility. You will also receive training in writing and presentation, as well as acquire the practical and analytical skills for contributing to public debate, policymaking, and education to address contemporary issues.

Philosophy in Rotterdam takes place in a large and thriving community of students and researchers. All our teaching is research-driven. Most of our staff have multidisciplinary backgrounds.


Why study a Master in Philosophy in Rotterdam?

The MA Philosophy Now is unique for its public and critical engagement with the world. The programme is attractive for international and Dutch students who want to study philosophy in relation to the arts and sciences as well as to society and economics. It offers all Bachelor philosophy students and qualified students from other disciplines.the opportunity of further specialisation. 


Online Information Session: Master Philosophy Now

During this information event Programme Director Sjoerd van Tuinen, Director of Education Han van Ruler, MA-alumni Floris van der Pol and Joost de Raeymaecker will give practical information about the MA programme ‘Philosophy Now’ at the Erasmus School of Philosophy.

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