Master in Philosophy

The current master programme is structured around two tracks ‘Continental Philosophy and its History’ (CPH) and ‘Philosophy and Economics’ (PE). 

As of September 2020, ESPhil intends to offer a renewed Master programme under the title Philosophy Now. Based on the existing two tracks, the new programme will offer four clusters of courses, each of which is centred around a specific area of current societal challenges:

  • Subjectivity and Culture;
  • Politics of Wealth;
  • Ecology and Technology;
  • Democracy and Truth.

With its four themes, the programme will combine topicality and coherence with a maximum freedom of choice for students. It will also offer a diversity of perspectives and enable students to focus on analytical and continental traditions, or a combination of both.

The Rotterdam Master Philosophy Now is currently still under construction. Here you can find the two-track master programme as it is currently programmed and on which the new programme will be based.