dr. (Yogi) YH Hendlin

dr. (Yogi) YH Hendlin
Assistant professor Erasmus School of Philosophy WP ESPhil
Burg. Oudlaan 50, Rotterdam
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Dr. Yogi Hale Hendlin is an environmental philosopher and public health scientist. Hendlin is assistant professor at the Erasmus School of Philosophy, and core faculy of the Dynamics of Inclusive Prosperity Initiative at Erasmus University Rotterdam, as well as research associate in the Environmental Health Initiative at the University of California, San Francisco. Hendlin's research has been published in journals such as Annals of Internal Medicine, BMJ, MMWR, American Journal of Public Health, Environmental Ethics, Ambio, and Environmental Philosophy. The international press regularly features Hendlin's public health research.

Hendlin's interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research projects tackle major questions in philosophy of biology, environmental philosophy, and political philosophy. Hendlin's epistemological inquiries into public health follow the via negativa of agnotology, comprehending the systemic transmission of ignorance.

Hendlin earned a PhD in Philosophy (magna cum laude) at the University of Kiel, Germany in 2015; holds degrees from the University of California, Berkeley, UCLA, and the London School of Economics; and held postdoctoral research fellowships at the University of Vienna and the University of California, San Francisco. Hendlin was designated a 2020 Brocher Foundation Fellow.

Current research projects focus on the monographs Industrial Epidemics: Chronic Disease and the Corporate Determinants of Health and Interspecies Politics: Valuing Difference in the Biotic Community.

Further information (and blog) can be found at: www.yogihendlin.com

Areas of PhD Supervision

  1. Environmental Philosophy (especially biosemiotics, and environmental/ ecological justice)
  2. Bioethics, Medical, Business, and Public Health Ethics
  3. Political Philosophy (especially intergenerational justice, philosophy of the commons, and discourse ethics and its critics)
  4. Pragmatism (especially Peirce, Mead, and neo-pragmatists)
  5. Philosophy of Biology (especially Extended Evolutionary Synthesis-based) and Ecology
  6. 5EA Cognition / Human Ethology
  7. Social Epistemologies



  • Yogi Hendlin (2020) - Adrian Bardon’s The Truth About Denial - Tijdschrift voor filosofie
  • Yogi Hendlin (2019) - Methodologies of Curiosity: Epistemology, Practice, and the Question of Animal Minds. Review of: Frans de Waal’s Are We Smart Enough to Understand How Smart Animals Are? - Biosemiotics
  • Yogi Hendlin (2018) - Luce Irigaray and Michael Marder's Through Vegetal Veing - Environmental Values
  • Yogi Hendlin (2016) - Jamie Lorimer’s Wildlife in the Anthropocene - Environmental Values, 25
  • Yogi Hendlin (2014) - Michael Marder’s Plant-Thinking - Environmental Values, 23
  • Yogi Hendlin (2014) - Stephanie Rutherford’s Governing the Wild - Environmental Politics, 23
  • Yogi Hendlin (2013) - William Ophuls’ Plato’s Revenge - Environmental Ethics, 34
  • Yogi Hendlin (2012) - Andrew Szasz’s Shopping Our Way to Safety - Environmental Politics, 21

  • M Tønnessen, Yogi Hendlin & J Beever (2017) - A World of Signs: In Memory of John Deely (1942-2017). - In A World of Signs: In Memory of John Deely (1942-2017). (pp. 211-213) - Zeitschrift für Semiotik

  • J Beeves, M Tønnessen & Yogi Hendlin (2017) - Interview with Wendy Wheeler. - In Interview with Wendy Wheeler. (pp. 177-187) - Zeitschrift für Semiotik

  • Yogi Hendlin (2019) - Assessing the Safety of Glyphosate: Comparing IARC, EFSA and EPA procedures, transparency, and outcomes for environmental health. - 2019 International Society for Environmental Epidemiology.

  • Yogi Hendlin (3 juni 2019) - Let’s Talk Trash - Discussion on Environmental Philosophy.

  • Yogi Hendlin (2015) - University of California at San Francisco (External organisation)
  • Yogi Hendlin (2015) - New Directions in Plant Ethics project,” Austrian National Science Foundation grantee, Department of Philosophy, University of Vienna. (External organisation)
  • Yogi Hendlin (2012) - Kiel University (External organisation)
  • Yogi Hendlin (2009) - Center for 17th and 18th Century Studies, UCLA. (External organisation)
  • Yogi Hendlin (2009) - Climate Policy, School of Public Affairs, UCLA. (External organisation)
  • Yogi Hendlin (2008) - Tobacco counter-marketing, California Breathe. (External organisation)
  • Yogi Hendlin (2006) - Center for Tobacco Control (CTCRE), Institute for Health Policy Studies UCSF (External organisation)
  • Yogi Hendlin (2006) - Center for Tobacco Control (CTCRE), Institute for Health Policy Studies UCSF (External organisation)

  • Yogi Hendlin (2020) - Great Transitions: Whether we want them or not. - Leiden University Sustainability Week
  • Yogi Hendlin (2020) - Integrating Spirituality into the Social Sciences and Humanities - NWO (Nederlandse Organisatie voor Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek) Social Sciences and Humanities Synergy 2020 Conference
  • Yogi Hendlin (2020) - Agnotology: Studying Denial. - Erasmus Student Association Pub Lecture
  • Yogi Hendlin (2020) - The Tandem Evolution of Rights for Women and Rights for Nature: An Ecofeminist Perspective on State Recognition. - Positive State Obligations concerning Fundamental Rights workshop
  • Yogi Hendlin (2020) - Biotechnology, the Environment, and Unintended Consequences. "Film Lecture on “Little Joe." - International Film Festival Rotterdam
  • Yogi Hendlin (2019) - The Promise and Perils of Carbon Taxes for Inclusive Prosperity. - Political Theory Workshop, Political Science Department
  • Yogi Hendlin (2019) - Industrial Epidemics: A new public health frame for an old problem. - Stanford History of Science and Technology Workshop
  • Yogi Hendlin (2019) - Fossil Fuel Industry Documents and the Social Good of making Historic Archives Public. Convener with Kalmus P, Cobb K, Wohldmann E, “Communicating with Appropriate Urgency: Scientific Reticence and Responsibility in a Time of Accelerating Climate Change.” - 2019 American Geophysical Union (AGU) Conference.
  • Yogi Hendlin (2019) - The Promises and Perils of Carbon Taxes. - Economics Seminar Series
  • Yogi Hendlin (2019) - Interspecies Biosemiotics. - 2019 International Association for Environmental Philosophy
  • Yogi Hendlin (2019) - Closing Remarks - Environmental Crime & Power seminar
  • Yogi Hendlin (2019) - Tobacco Product/ENDS Waste and the Environment - Center for Coordination of Analytics, Science, Enhancement and Logistics (CASEL) in Tobacco Regulatory Science
  • Yogi Hendlin (2019) - Algae Manifesto - NEUHAUS exhibition
  • Yogi Hendlin (2019) - Akrasia and biology - Webinar Lecture and Discussion, American Society for Cybernetics
  • Yogi Hendlin (2019) - Supernormal stimuli in the human superorganism and holobiont. - Berkeley-Tartu Biosemiotic Summer Seminar
  • Yogi Hendlin (2019) - Distributed Agency, Composite Identity, and Microorganism Influence. - Biosemiotics Gathering.
  • Yogi Hendlin (2019) - Diversification for profit or public good? Drivers of cigarette company acquisition of the smokeless tobacco market in the United States” with Ling P, and T Dewhirst. - 2019 Business & Society Research Seminar.
  • Yogi Hendlin (2019) - “Prospects for an Ecological and Emancipatory Nova Scientia after the Marcuse-Habermas science debate,” - 2019 International Critical Theory Conference.
  • Yogi Hendlin (2019) - “Does funding source influence the outcome of indoor tanning studies? a systematic review,” with Adekunle L, Chen R, Morrison L, Torres J, Hendlin Y, Linos E - 2019 Society for Investigative Dermatology.
  • Yogi Hendlin (2019) - Advertising and Agency: An ethological account of how social infrastructure compromises or sustains our autonomy. - Erasmus School of Philosophy Lunchtime Seminar
  • Yogi Hendlin (2019) - Zoos as sites of self-pardoning for the human war on alloanimals - Reading Zoos in the Age of the Anthropocene Workshop
  • Yogi Hendlin (2019) - Every day should be sustainability day. - Keynote: "Sustainability Days"
  • Yogi Hendlin (2019) - Welcome Lecture - Erasmus School of Philosophy Faculty Colloquium
  • Yogi Hendlin (2018) - “Hybrid & complex governance for sustainable development.” Chair. - 2018 Dynamics of Inclusive Prosperity Conference.
  • Yogi Hendlin (2018) - “Environmental harms from electronic waste from electronic cigarettes.” - 2018 American Public Health Association.
  • Yogi Hendlin (2018) - “Diversification for profit or public good? Drivers of cigarette company acquisition of the smokeless tobacco market in the United States” with Dewhirst T, Kostygina G, & Ling P. - 2018 Society for Business Ethics Annual Meeting.
  • Yogi Hendlin (2018) - Public Health Ethics - 14th Annual National Youth Leadership Forum
  • Yogi Hendlin (2018) - “Supernormal stimuli and human (d)evolution: A study in the architecture of akrasia.” - 2018 Biosemiotics Gathering.
  • Yogi Hendlin (2018) - Habermas on Nature. - University of Kiel
  • Yogi Hendlin (2018) - A multifactorial approach to addiction and the public health consensus on THR. - Brocher Summer Academy in Population-level Bioethics
  • Yogi Hendlin (2018) - “Industry Documents: A peek into the secret life of science and implications for policy” and “Industry and Science: Public Good or Private Profit?” and Chair of Environmental Resistance, Sacred and Secular panel. - 2018 Western Political Science Association.
  • Yogi Hendlin (2018) - For an Ecosemiotics to Come. - 2018 American Philosophical Association (Pacific).
  • Yogi Hendlin (2018) - “Emerging Issues of Tobacco Harm Reduction: A Global Comparative Perspective.” Co-Chair with Ling P and organizer of international panel. - 2018 World Conference on Tobacco or Health.
  • Yogi Hendlin (2018) - Benzene Industry Documents - Western Region Universities Consortium
  • Yogi Hendlin (2018) - Industry Marketing and Health Equity - Guest lecturer
  • Yogi Hendlin (2017) - “Tobacco Harm Reduction: A Systematic Review” with Vora M, Elias J, and Ling P. - 2017 American Public Health Association,.
  • Yogi Hendlin (2017) - “Native American Maternal & Child Health Burdens due to Fossil Fuel Contamination of Sacred, Treaty-Protected Lands: A Systematic Review” with Agnew K, Gill G, and Rupa M. - 2017 American Public Health Association.
  • Yogi Hendlin (2017) - Interspecies Vision - NightLife series
  • Yogi Hendlin (2017) - The environmental health effects of electronic waste from tobacco vaporizer disposal - Tobacco Policy Research Group
  • Yogi Hendlin (2017) - The Pharmaceuticalization of the Tobacco Industry and Implications for Public Health - UCSF Cancer Center
  • Yogi Hendlin (2017) - Interspecies Allies: Widening our sense of self and practical applications for ecological and environmental justice. - Climate Compassion Network
  • Yogi Hendlin (2017) - Corporate Responsibility in a Corporatized World: A look at Fossil Fuels. - Department of Philosophy
  • Yogi Hendlin (2017) - “The Social Obligations of the Cued Self in the Age of Advertising.” Digitalisation for a Sustainable Society. - 2017 International Society for Information Studies.
  • Yogi Hendlin (2017) - “Syllepsis and Particularism in Biosemiotic Ethics.” - 2017 Seventeenth Annual Gathering in Biosemiotics.
  • Yogi Hendlin (2017) - The Ecological Self: Harnessing the Power of Our Interspecies Nature for Good. - The Creative Edge Conference
  • Yogi Hendlin (2017) - The effects of pollution on organism signaling and human health. - San Francisco Taste of Science
  • Yogi Hendlin (2017) - “Interspecies Discourse Ethics.” - 2014 Western Political Science Association.
  • Yogi Hendlin (2017) - “A Master Settlement Agreement for the Fossil Fuels Industry: Lessons Learned from Tobacco.” - 2017 Western Political Science Association Annual Meeting.
  • Yogi Hendlin (2017) - Biocommunication. - Terra’s Temple
  • Yogi Hendlin (2017) - Tobacco Harm Reduction: Basic Concepts. - Department of Nursing, University of California, San Francisco, guest lecturer, Stella Bialous’ “Tobacco Control” course
  • Yogi Hendlin (2016) - Expanding the Polity or Extending Rights? A look at transformative versus affirmative recognition with the more than human world. - Interdisciplinary Forum on Environmental Research.
  • Yogi Hendlin (2016) - “Limits of the Automobile City.” - 2016 Philosophy of the City Conference.
  • Yogi Hendlin (2016) - Ensemblist Identities and the Ecological Self. - California Institute for Integral Studies, Forum on Philosophy, Cosmology and Consciousness
  • Yogi Hendlin (2016) - “Climate Change and the Discursive Gap: Querying Nonhuman Political Agencies.” - 2016 American Political Science Association
  • Yogi Hendlin (2016) - “Phenomenological Biosemiotics, or what it is like to be this Dog.” - 2016 Animal Agency: Language, Politics, Culture Conference.
  • Yogi Hendlin (2016) - Play and Resetting Stress Thresholds: the role of a healthy calibrated central nervous system in human and animal evolution. - Human Being, Society, Culture Symposium at the Human Development in Landscapes Graduate School.
  • Yogi Hendlin (2016) - First World Confessions. - Instillation at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts “Public Square,” with Armando Davila.
  • Yogi Hendlin (2016) - “The State of Ecological Exception: Finding a way forward between scientific appeals and political inertia.” - 2016 Western Political Science Association.
  • Yogi Hendlin (2015) - “Habitats and habitus: finding ‘fit’ with our environment,” - 2015 American Political Science Association.
  • Yogi Hendlin (2015) - “Plant Philosophy and Interpretation: Making Sense of the Recent Plant Intelligence Debates.” - 2015 International Society for Environmental Ethics (ISEE).
  • Yogi Hendlin (2015) - “Interspecies Phytosemiosis.” - 2015 Gathering in Biosemiotics.
  • Yogi Hendlin (2015) - “Environmental justice as a (potentially) hegemonic concept: A historical look at competing interests between the MST and indigenous people in Brazil.” - 2015 Plurality and politics of justice conference.
  • Yogi Hendlin (2014) - The Bicycle as Social and Environmental Force: Analyzing the current trend in cycling as a mode of transportation. - Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society’s workshop “Greening of Everyday Life: Reimagining Environmentalism in Postindustrial Societies.
  • Yogi Hendlin (2014) - “Multiplicity and Welt.” - 2014 Framing Nature: Signs, Stories, and Ecologies of Meaning conference.
  • Yogi Hendlin (2012) - “Political Pressure, not Science: Germany and the United States’ Divergent Policy Responses to the Fukushima Daiichi Meltdown.” - 2012 The Berlin Conference on the Human Dimensions of Global Environmental Change.
  • Yogi Hendlin (2011) - “Terra Nullius and the Backlash against Private Foreign Conservation Investment.” - 2011 17th Annual International Sustainable Development Research Conference.
  • Yogi Hendlin (2011) - “Problematizing the Human-Animal-Nature Boundary: Where to Draw the Line?” - 2011 Western Political Science Association.
  • Yogi Hendlin (2011) - “Intergenerational Justice: Sustainability, Uncertainty, Contingency.” - 2011 Midwestern Political Science Association.
  • Yogi Hendlin (2010) - “Eco-colonialism: Cultural History as an Obstacle to Private Environmental Conservation.” - 2010 Cultural Studies Association 8th Annual Meeting,
  • Yogi Hendlin (2009) - “The Agnotology of Ecology.” - 2009 American Political Science Association.
  • Yogi Hendlin (2008) - “Staying on Message When Faced with a Relentless Adversary.” - 2008 American Public Health Association 136th Conference.

  • Yogi Hendlin (2018) - Interested in a faculty position at a research-intensive institution? Panel: Recently hired faculty. - UCSF Office of Career and Professional Development
  • Yogi Hendlin (2017) - Invited Moderator, UCSF Bioethics Program Book Club, Elisabeth Rosenthal’s An American Sickness. - UCSF Bioethics Program Book Club

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