CLI Project Coversity

Tuesday 17 Dec 2019, 12:00 - 13:30
Education Lab
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We invite you to the pre-Holiday Coversity Kick-off event! During this event the first ideas and results of the project will be shared.

What is Coversity?

The main goal of Coversity is to increase transparency about what is being done with students’ feedback in course evaluations. Students should not only be informed by faculty, but also be involved in making important decisions. The latter is already possible, but the process is unclear to many students. Improving transparency in terms of informing students about outcomes of course evaluations, what happens with student feedback and how students can co-create their education is the end-goal of the project. We hope to reach this aim by September 2021.


Let’s meet!

We will start off by inviting you to the pre-Holiday Coversity Kick-off event during lunchtime, food and drinks will be provided! On this day, we can present the draft of the first transparency animation and you can give us feedback. Furthermore, we will discuss the project and you can give us any ideas you have. We are very curious to hear your thoughts!


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