Colloquium on the Future of Museums

Friday 7 Jun 2019, 14:00 - 17:30
Theil Building
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On Friday 7 June 2019, the ESHCC and ACE are organising an afternoon Colloquium on the Future of Museums. What has cultural economics done so far to understand and explain museums? What still needs to be done? How can cultural economics contribute to a future museum research agenda?

Colloquium on the future of museums: developing a cultural economics research agenda

A panel of experts and students will discuss potential areas of future research considering the changes brought by the digitisation of society. Five main areas of change will be discussed: these are the development of new products and services, the emerging new forms of consumption, the new legal framework required to support innovative development, the urge to respond to issues of sustainability, and the overall change in social perception about what museums are (or should be).

The panel will include the following invited experts and students:

  • Ruth Towse (Professor of Economics of Creative Industries at Bournemouth University);
  • Tally Katz-Gerro (Reader in Sociology at Manchester University);
  • Hans Abbing (Lecturer at Erasmus University Rotterdam);
  • Bert Degenhart Drenth (Managing Director, Double Dig IT BV);
  • Andrea Wallace (Lecturer at University of Exeter Law School); 
  • Michael Hutter (Professor Emeritus Technical University Berlin);
  • Bente Lutteke (Bachelor student, International Bachelor Arts and Culture Studies) and;
  • Vicki Triantafylloudi (Master student, Cultural Economics and Entrepreneurship)

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