ECO3. Revolutionary circularity or a circular revolution? – Towards an integral concept of sustainability


Henk Oosterling

Thursday 12 Sep 2019, 11:00 - 13:00
Education Lab
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Since the term ‘sustainability’ is nowadays being used for nearly everything, it seems to have lost its meaning. In this workshop, philosopher Henk Oosterling will take you towards a redefined notion of sustainability through his concept of ECO3.          

During this session, Henk Oosterling will explain his ECO3 concept that can be used as a tool for ecological thinking and doing in all kinds of political fields. Be prepared for a philosophical journey through different political fields, from the boardroom to your breakfast plate, with visits at Kate Raworth’s Doughnut Economy, Paul Mason’s vision on post capitalism and Niall Ferguson’s overview of the historic relation between hierarchies and networks. After this session, you will have learned how to use the concept of sustainability in a more nuanced manner and how to criticize today’s overabundance of the use of the term ‘sustainability’.         

This talk is meant for EUR students, lecturers and support staff. Please sign up by reserving a free ticket in our ticket shop

  • CLI Sustainability Month

    September is sustainability month at the Education Lab, which means various sessions are organised around this theme. Check our event planning for the full schedule. You recognise the sessions by the sustainability logo in the image.

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