How to construct open-ended questions and rubrics (MicroLab)

Start date

Tuesday 26 Feb 2019, 12:00

End date

Tuesday 26 Feb 2019, 14:00

Education Lab

Would you like to know more about how to construct good open-ended questions, assignments and how to grade them? Then this is the right MicroLab for you!

In this MicroLab you will learn how to formulate good open-ended questions and assignments. Yet, for assessment methods like oral exams, presentations and essays, it can be challenging to construct a reliable and transparent rubric. Therefore, we will also focus on the possibilities of rubrics (grading models) to enhance the reliability and transparency of the assessment.

In this MicroLab the three quality criteria validity, reliability and transparency are key factors in the construction of open- ended questions, assignments and rubrics. You will learn about these criteria in the online learning environment and a face-to-face workshop.


After following this MicroLab you will be able to:      

  • Construct open ended questions or assignments following the three quality criteria*
  • Construct rubrics following the three quality criteria*
  • Evaluate your own open-ended questions, assignments and rubrics.

* Validity, reliability and transparency  

Target group and required prior knowledge  

This MicroLab is intended for teachers who make use of open-ended questions or assignments as method of assessment for their course. We will ask you to bring your own assessment products to the workshop. If this is not possible, please contact us about the possibilities. No specific prior knowledge is required to participate in this MicroLab.  

Please note that the content of this MicroLab is included in the UTQ from June 2018 and forward.  For whom who completed the UTQ before April 2018, this MicroLab can still be of added value.

Content, form and time investment    

Before attending the workshop, we ask you to prepare with the online materials in the Canvas module (2-3 hours). In the workshop (2 hours), we will discuss your preparation assignments and you will evaluate your own assessment products. Next to this, we value the importance of peer learning and therefore you will give and receive feedback upon your assessment products.  

Assessment and badge   

The Microlab will be completed with a Proof of Competence. You will get a CLI/Risbo certificate, a LinkedIn badge and a HR-registration of completion.

Signing up for this MicroLab

You can register for this MicroLab by contacting Risbo ( For EUR lecturers there will be no costs in participating in this MicroLab.

More information

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