Inclusive Prosperity Lunchseminar: Dr. Jeroen Veldman

Corporate governance for sustainability
Thursday 13 Feb 2020, 12:00 - 13:00
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Polak Building
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After three successful editions in 2019, the Dynamics of Inclusive Prosperity initiative will continue the series of lunchseminars in 2020. Academics from various fields of research will speak about interesting and relevant topics related to inclusive prosperity. During the seminar, a free sandwich lunch will be provided by the initiative. In order to have enough sandwiches and keep spillage to a minimum, registration is required. The speaker for this edition is Dr. Jeroen Veldman.

Corporate governance is in trouble. In recent years, business leaders, academics, politicians and regulators have become increasingly concerned with the costs and risks linked to the adoption of an excessive short-term approach and societal and planetary consequences. These concerns are reflected in recent high-profile messages such as the Statement on the Purpose of a Corporation issued by the Business Roundtable in the US, the ‘Purpose’ Letter issued by Larry Fink, CEO of Blackrock, and comments by Andy Haldane on climate change.

I will address these issues by looking at the Modern Corporation Project, an impact-oriented and interdisciplinary project that identifies and disseminates theory and best practices that support long-term value creation. I will then expand on these approaches by looking at institutions in the Netherlands that allow to engage with stakeholders and sustainability, contextualizing the operation of these institutions and providing a number of ways in which these institutions can be further developed.

Short Biography Jeroen Veldman

Jeroen is Associate Professor at Nyenrode Business University, Honorary Senior Visiting Fellow at Cass Business School and section editor corporate governance at the Journal of Business Ethics. He leads the impact-oriented and interdisciplinary Modern Corporation Project, which identifies and disseminates theory and best practices that support long-term value creation. This project was awarded the 2019 International Impactful Collaboration Award by the Academy of Management Practice Theme Committee & International Theme Committees.  He has published widely in journals including Human Relations, British Journal of Management, Cambridge Journal of Economics, Competition and Change, and European Business Law Review.


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