Inclusive Teaching and Learning Best Practice Workshop - online edition

Start date

Monday 28 Sep 2020, 14:00

End date

Monday 28 Sep 2020, 16:30

Online via Zoom
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How can teachers create an inclusive classroom? This is the central question we will pose during the “Inclusive Teaching and Learning Best Practice Workshop” hosted by the Community for Learning & Innovation (CLI) and the Diversity & Inclusion Office.

The best practices that will be shared will focus on the four important components needed to create an inclusive learning environment:

  1. Community building
  2. Communication
  3. Critical Reflection 
  4. Contextualization of Knowledge.

We will explore what each of these components entails and look at ways in which teachers from different faculties across the EUR are engaged in inclusive teaching practices.

Register for this event via: Please provide your name, affiliation, job title and your first and second choice for breakout session you would like to attend. A zoom or teams link will be sent to you via an outlook calendar invitation.    


28 September 13:45-14:00Opening of Zoom by host  
 14:00-14:05General Welcome: Prof. dr. Semiha Denktas, Chief Diversity officer
 14:05-14:10Introduction to the event and D&I office Inclusive Education Strategy:  Dr. Kate Kirk
 14:10-14:20Best Practice Pitch 1: Community Building at ISS: Martin Blok
 14:20-14:30Best Practice Pitch 2: : Critical Self Reflection at the Department of Media and Communication/ESHCC: Dr. Jacco van Sterkenburg
 14:30-14:40Best Practice Pitch 3: Inclusive Communication at EMC: Dr. Lea Jabbarian
 14:40-14:50Best Practice Pitch 4: Contextualizing Knowledge at the Erasmus school of History, Culture and Communication/ESHCC: Dr. Karin Willemse  

Breakout sessions lead by our presenters: “How can I implement this practice into my own teaching program / my own classroom"

Breakout Session 1: Community Building

 Breakout Session 2: Critical Self Reflection

 Breakout Session 3: Inclusive Communication

Breakout Session 4: Contextualizing Knowledge

 15:45-16:15Presentation of Breakout session discussions to the whole group:  Best Practice Discussion leaders
 16:15-16:30Closing Remarks / Summary: Dr. Kate Kirk