International Food Fair

International Food Fair by EMA

Start date

Tuesday 13 Nov 2018, 14:00

End date

Tuesday 13 Nov 2018, 16:30

Sports Building (S) Erasmus University Rotterdam

Hello! / Salaam! / 你好 Ni hao! / Ciao! / Fa waka! / Merhaba! / Salve! / Kaile! Have you ever dreamed to explore the far away countries? Are you maybe homesick? 
We would like to give you a small piece of a foreign culture or the one that you left home! 

Visit us at the international food fair organized by Erasmus Multicultural Associations (EMA). At this food fair, you get to discover and taste delicious bites from different cultures. Food brings people together and with this initiative, we aim to unite students from all over the world.

Do you like food and trying new things? Stop by EMA's International Food Fair. We'll have stand set up with food from around the world. Eat, talk, hangout, and enjoy the music because nothing brings people together like great food.

More information

Location: Sports Building (S) Erasmus University Rotterdam
Time: 2pm - 4.30pm 
Requirement: bring your empty stomach and of course cash !