Launch digital campus tour and challenge

Students are walking on the bridge on campus.
Wednesday 28 Feb 2024, 14:00 - 16:00
Campus Woudestein
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Students are walking on the bridge on campus.

The Academic Outreach Programme (AOP) of IDEA Center presents: the digital campus tour and the digital campus challenge. The AOP promotes equitable access to (our) university for historically underrepresented students. One of the approaches, especially for young children, is to offer an accessible introduction to the university environment, where we introduce children to the physical environment (our campus), but also vocabulary/terminology/stories surrounding university (life).  

Popular activities of the Academic Outreach Programme for young children include the campus tour and the campus challenge, under the supervision of our student-ambassadors. The tour consists of walking (most of the time running, seeing they are kids!) around our campus and answering some questions at different locations. The campus challenge adds a few active tasks to the tour and by performing these tasks participants are able to collect points. After completion, every team or participant’s score will be presented in an official online leaderboard. At the end of each schoolyear whoever’s in first place will get a nice surprise!

“We aim to add to our accessible introduction to EUR by digitizing these activities, making the university (campus) accessible to anyone, at any time, in a way that fits with the new generation of children (digital generation), and in line with EUR’s mission of sustainability”, says Rajiv Mahadew, City Engagement Officer at AOP.

Rajiv: “With the digitalization of the campus tour and the campus challenge, we are able to provide an accessible, fun, and educational introduction to the university (campus) for children in the ages 10-12 years, and older. Through this accessible introduction, we aim to contribute to their knowledge about university and increase their (prospective) sense of belonging. As such, we aim to promote equitable access to higher education, the starting point to being an inclusive university: a university from and for everyone”. 

Official launch

On Wednesday, February 28, we will officially launch the digital campus tour and the digital campus challenge by revealing one of the four starting points of the tour and challenge on campus. Semiha Denktaş, Chief Diversity Officer and Academic Lead of the Academic Outreach Programme , will have the honor of revealing the digital campus tour and challenge, and starting the first walkthrough. The starting point is at the level of the campus route map next to the Law Library in Sanders Building.

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