Opening Drinks University Council

Start date

Tuesday 9 Oct 2018, 17:00

End date

Tuesday 9 Oct 2018, 19:00

On the 9th of October, University Council 2018-2019 met with a bigger audience, including the Executive Board, participatory bodies and representatives of several associations and training academies. This was an amazing opportunity for everyone meet members of the EUR-community with various academic backgrounds.

Moreover, the chair of the EBUC (Employee Body University Council) and SBUC (Student Body University Council) committees, John van Wel and Jitte Dingenouts respectively, held a presentation on the previous ‘Policy Day’, where University Council members worked on formulating upcoming challenges and so-called Focal points:

  • Diversiteit & Inclusie;
  • Veilige omgeving;
  • Zichtbaarheid van de Universiteitsraad;
  • Future-proof & duurzaam.

Both chairs of the respected committees, explained a new vision of University Council and extensively elaborated on the focal points and explained the greatest importance of each.

‘A safe and inclusive University for a sustainable future Through participating students and employees’

Vision of the University Council 2018-2019