Transferable skills

Transferable skills

Student Counseling
Start date

Thursday 11 Apr 2019, 13:30

End date

Thursday 11 Apr 2019, 16:30

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The labor market and the workplace changes rapidly. Next to keeping up to date with your professional knowledge, it is also important to keep your skills future proof

Employers universally seek skills like creativity, collaboration, problem solving, critical thinking, and (intercultural) communication, to mention some. These can be important factors in a job interview. This demonstrates the importance of skills, whether these are hard, soft, 21st century or transferable.How future proof are your skills? During this workshop, you’ll in the first place discover the skills you already possess (you’ll probably discover more skills than you can sum up now!). Secondly, you’ll get tips and tricks how to develop these to make and keep them future proof. 

Don’t forget to bring your CV to the workshop.

The following subjects will be addressed:
• The changing labour market
• Insight in the different sets of skills: 21st century skills, transferable skills, hard/soft skills
• You’ll practice two assignments that help you to discover your skills

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