Transition to Transdisciplinary Science: Solutions for Complex Societal Issues

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Thursday 11 Apr 2024, 14:30 - 18:00
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Langeveld Building
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Audience at Studio Erasmus during IFFR 2019
Geertje Achterberg

Our society deals with many complex problems. To solve them, we must turn to transdisciplinary science. This means bringing together different disciplines and stakeholders to find innovative and effective solutions. By doing this, we can tackle big issues like inequality, climate change, and healthcare. Join our conference to learn more about how this type of research can create a better future for everyone.

At the conference Transition to Transdisciplinary Science: Solutions for Complex Societal Issues prominent speakers, such as Prof. Dr. Liesbeth Noordegraaf-Eelens and Dr. Eppo Bruins, will explore transdisciplinairy science. Additionally, a whitepaper featuring six proposals for effective innovation will be presented during the event.

Transdisciplinary science goes beyond traditional disciplinary boundaries, integrating diverse perspectives to tackle complex societal challenges. It emphasizes collaboration between researchers, practitioners, and stakeholders from various fields to co-create innovative solutions. This approach ensures that research outcomes are directly applicable in real-world contexts, fostering meaningful impact and sustainable change. 

Expect thought-provoking keynotes delving into the essence of transdisciplinary science and its pivotal role in fostering innovation across the Netherlands and Europe. Examine topics such as programming transdisciplinary research or its practical applications, within for example the Convergence alliance. Gain valuable insights into the triumphs and obstacles of transdisciplinary projects through engaging panel discussions featuring experts from NWO, TNO, KIN, and Convergence, followed by reflections from government representatives. 



Opening & Keynotes

  • Why transdisciplinairy science; how is it different? by Prof.Dr. Liesbeth Noordegraaf-Eelens (Erasmus University Rotterdam)
  • Why is transdisciplinary research important for innovation in the Netherlands? by Dr. Eppo Bruins (Chairman AWTI)

Parallel sessions

  1. Programming of transdisciplinary research - Dr. Michiel van den Hout (Klimaatprogramma Nederland) and Dr. Judith Schueler (ACCEZ) will highlight what it takes to set up a transdisciplinary programme.
  2. Transdisciplinarity in practice - Dr. Julia Whittmayer (EUR-DIT) will provide an insight into the challenges researchers face with transdisciplinarity. Followed by Johnathan Subendran, MSc. (Resilient Delta/TUD), who co-created a project for and with the Gemeente Dordrecht. Drs. Albert Engels (Gemeente Rotterdam) will conclude by sharing his experiences (from a stakeholder perspective) on working with science.
16:30Presentation Collective Knowledge development by Dr. Lotte Krabbenborg (RU Nijmegen)
16:40Panel featuring Dr. Jeanet Bruil (Head of the Dutch Research Agenda at NWO), Dr. Wimar Bolhuis (Director of TNO Vector), Dr. Michiel van den Hout (Program Director at KIN), and Dr. Lotte Krabbenborg (RU Nijmegen).
17:00Reflections from governmental perspectives: Dr. Martijn Poel (Ministry of Education, Culture, and Science, Research & Science Policy Division).
17:10Closing words delivered by Margo Strijbosch, Director of Erasmus Research Services.

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Keynote speakers

  • prof.dr. Liesbeth Noordegraaf-Eelens
    Prof.dr. Liesbeth Noordegraaf-Eelens
    Professor of Transformative Academic Education and Vice Dean of Erasmus School of Philosophy.
  • Dr. Eppo Bruins, Chairman of AWTI
    Dr. Eppo Bruins
    Chairman of AWTI
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