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Know your history!

Gijsbert Weijer Jan Bruins, our first Rector Magnificus, Nico Jacob Polak and Jan Tinbergen were three professors who are of considerable importance to Erasmus University. And their stories have made our university what it is today. Even now, 105 years later, their stories are still relevant to the university’s identity.

Our university’s history goes back to 1913, when the Netherlands School of Commerce (NHH) was set up. This school was continued later on under the name of the Netherlands School of Economics (NEH). In 1973, the NEH merged with the Rotterdam Medical Faculty to form Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR).

All these stories can be found in memorabilia of our past, such as photos, objects, books and medallions. This website takes you on a journey through our university’s history, and you can find all the relevant information on our historical objects and documents here. Your journey starts with our unique collection of ‘portraits of professors’.

Our academic heritage is in the care of the Stichting Universitair Historisch Kabinet (University Historic Gallery Foundation) and the University Library. We’ll be making further additions to the online database for our historic heritage collections as time goes on.

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