Disclaimer database use

Using the information sources – i.e. databases – provided by Erasmus University Library is generally subject to restrictions:

  • As a rule, only members of the EUR community have access to the sources.
  • Information retrieval is only permitted using the search system attached to the database.
  • In most cases the volume of information that you are permitted to download from a database is restricted to a specific limit. Contracts often stipulate a criterion of 5% of the entire amount of data available, using the interface provided. It is not permitted to use your own interface to download data from a database, for example through web crawling. Read more about our Fair Use Policy
  • Lastly, the actual use of database information – e.g. in research reports – is governed by copyright law. Users are advised to refer to the database terms and conditions or consult the Copyright Information Point.

Erasmus University Library assumes that all potential users will observe the restrictions set out above. As such, all responsibility for lawful use lies with the user.

Improper use is deemed to be not only illegal, but also immoral, as it might temporarily exclude others from accessing information. Erasmus University Library will take action against any instances of improper use, including financial penalties if applicable.

Users who expect that they will reach or exceed the relevant data limit or who wish to use retrieval systems foreign to the system are advised to contact the Library in order to look for a mutually satisfying solutions.  

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