Check in your study space the right way!

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With the introduction of the reservation system, we explained how to reserve a study space in the University Library. One of the conditions is that you must check in at the library upon arrival. Unfortunately, we find that students are now more and more checking in remotely.

The result is a huge amount of reserved but empty study spaces, as students come to the library (much) later. Moreover, checking in remotely gives fellow students no chance to use a study space. Because even if the spot is empty, it cannot be reserved in the system.

We do not think this is a preferred situation. Checking in on location (in the University Library) is important because then the study spaces are really used by students. That's also the purpose of our reservation system; to give as many students as possible the chance to get a study space. Unfortunately, remote check-in makes that impossible!

Therefore, we are in discussion with the supplier for adjustments to the system. Until then we are forced to cancel unused, reserved study spaces as soon as we notice that they have been checked in remotely.

And of course, we also appeal to you: be fair and just check in as you should. And that is in the University Library within 30 minutes of the start of your shift.

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