Academic ceremonies
Inaugural speeches and PhD defences

Academic ceremonies

  • PhD Defence J. (Job) Hermans

    J. (Job) Hermans will defend his dissertation entitled: ‘Hyaluronic Acid in Knee Osteoarthritis'.

  • PhD Defence L.J.C. (Laurens) van Zandvoort

    L.J.C. (Laurens) van Zandvoort will defend his dissertation entitled: ‘Improving Percutaneous Coronary Intervention using Post Procedural Physiology and Intravascular Imaging'.

  • PhD Defence T.Z. (Thyrza) Jagt

    T.Z. (Thyrza) Jagt will defend her dissertation entitled: ‘Automated Online-Adaptive Intensity-Modulated Proton Therapy'.

  • PhD Defence A. (Amir) Omidvari Abarghouei

    A. (Amir) Omidvari Abarghouei will defend his dissertation entitled: ‘Screening for and surveillance of Barrett’s esophagus: a cost-effectiveness assessment'.

  • PhD Defence J.S. (Josephine) van de Maat

    J.S. (Josephine) van de Maat will defend her dissertation entitled: ‘Childhood Pneumonia: Clinical decision support in the emergency department'.

  • PhD Defence D.S. (Dyaran) Bansraj

    D.S. (Dyaran) Bansraj will defend his dissertation entitled: ‘The Principles of Private Equity: Ownership and Acquisitions'.

  • PhD Defence J.R.G. (Jonathan) Etnel

    J.R.G. (Jonathan) Etnel will defend his dissertation entitled: ‘Making Sense of Outcome after Congenital Left Ventricular Outflow Tract Surgery'.


    PhD Defence V.C. (Vanessa) Olivier-Pijpers

    V.C. (Vanessa) Olivier-Pijpers will defend her dissertation entitled: ‘Organisational Environment and Challenging Behaviours in Residents with Intellectual Disabilities: an Ecological Perspective'.

  • PhD Defence A.V. (Alessandra) de Sousa Faria

    A.V. (Alessandra) de Sousa Faria will defend her dissertation entitled: ‘The Crossroad of Phosphatase and Kinase Signaling in Cancer'.

  • PhD Defence Y.R. (Yulia) Saharman

    Y.R. (Yulia) Saharman will defend her dissertation entitled: ‘ICU-acquired Carbapenem-non-susceptible Bacilli in Indonesia'.