About snakes, martial arts movies and 1000 kilos of poo

Hurray! Our chat show Studio Erasmus was born 5 years ago today! Watch 5 of the highlights:

Why is this scientist collecting a thousand kilos of poo?

About the connection between intestinal flora and diseases like Crohn and diabetes.

This is why stress is dangerous

Longterm stress can lead to obesity and cardiovascular disease. Internist/endocrinologist Liesbeth van Rossum about the dangerous consequences of unnecessary tension.

These professors (anatomy & surgery) dissect scenes from martial arts movies

About the anatomical correctness - or rather, incorrectness - in fight scenes.

This is what snakepoison can be good for

Plus a crash course in extracting poision from snakes by snake-expert Richard Mastenboek - yes, with actual snakes in the studio.

Leo Bonten didn't want to waste his amputated leg - and turned it into a lamp

His wish was finally granted. Rightly so? Or does this create a dangerous precedent?


Tonight (Jan. 20) in Studio Erasmus (20:00, Rotterdamse Schouwburg)

  • Professor of surgery Hans Jeekel about the role of music in the operating room.
  • Sociologist Fabian Dekker about the 'uberisation' of the job market - surviving in the 'gig' economy
  • Historian Clemens van Herwaarden about the rise of populism around the world
  • Criminologist Richard Staring - will Rotterdam be the new Calais?
  • Plus live music by Afro/Latin-kwintet Apacáy