Almost 30,000 euros for Erasmus Education Fund

Nearly 30,000 euros has been raised for the Erasmus Education Fund by participants of the Erasmus Charity Run 2016 which took place during the NN Marathon Rotterdam on 10 April 2016. The runners collected more than 16,000 euros and the Executive Board added 13,000 euros on top of that.

More than 500 students, staff and alumni from Erasmus University Rotterdam collected money for the Erasmus Education Fund during the NN Rotterdam Marathon. The Erasmus Education Fund awards scholarships to talented underprivileged students so that they also have the chance to make their dreams come true at Erasmus University.

About the Erasmus Charity Run

Every year, students, staff and alumni from Erasmus University Rotterdam form one big team and take part in the quarter marathon (10.5 km) or the entire NN Rotterdam Marathon. This year with 530 runners the University brought forward the largest team in the Rotterdam Marathon. Four student associations are involved in the organization: Cedo Nulli, STAR, FAECTOR and InDuplo.

More information

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