App developed by Erasmus University alumni may save the foodservice industry in times of crisis

foto ontvangen van Floris Visser, mede-oprichter van OrderMe

What started as frustration about the order process on a terrace in Amsterdam, became a successful start-up founded by Dex Holman, Floris Visser, and Roderick Schuller, alumni of Erasmus School of Law and Erasmus School of Economics. OrderMe makes it possible to place your order in a restaurant, using only your mobile phone. This way, the app reduces the workload for service personnel during peak hours, shifts the focus to customer satisfaction and might even help the foodservice industry during the corona crisis. 

On a sunny day, three friends decided to finish their workday with a cold beer on a terrace. When they decided to order another round, they experienced difficulty attracting the attention of the waiter and became frustrated about the order process. That is when Dex, Floris, and Roderick decided: this can and needs to be improved.


That is how OrderMe was born, an app that allows customers to place their orders in a restaurant. By scanning a QR-code, your phone connects with the cash register system, which in turn allows for quick processing of both ordering and payment. 

The concept, which was developed to transform the foodservice industry into an efficient and modern environment, has many advantages. Not only does it relieve the pressure on service personnel during peak hours, but also shifts the focus to customer satisfaction and can be a solution for staff shortages. As it turns out, the interactive concept also leads to an increase in the amount of orders.

Saving the foodservice industry in times of crisis

OrderMe was developed before the corona crisis but was often labelled as impersonal. Co-owner Floris Visser states: “OrderMe actually personalises the service, because waiting staff will have more time to provide extra services and attention to customers”. Now that the 1,5-metre society has become a reality, the app can help restaurants- and other foodservice entrepreneurs to comply with the strict distancing rules. OrderMe ensures fewer moments of contact and provides the opportunity for the industry to welcome their beloved customers once again.