Back to the cinema!

We don’t know about you, but watching films on your laptop is okay, but nothing beats a big film screen, a great soundsystem and a comfy cinema chair. Luckily cinemas can open their doors again and hopefully the feeling stays the same, even with all the new regulations. SG provides you with a couple of viewing tips in Rotterdam cinemas.

As a lot of countries still are in lockdown, most new releases are postponed or made viewable directly via online streaming. Therefor cinemas in Rotterdam offer you a combination of old and new films the first couple of weeks. We provide you 5 tips:


This is your last chance to watch the enormous Oscar winner 2020 on the big screen. What starts out as a dark comedy on which a poor family infiltrates into a rich family, changes gradually into a nerve twisting thriller with an unexpected ending. This film is the first foreign film to also win the Oscar for best film.

See it at KINO, LantarenVenster, Cinerama

Queen & Slim

The first date of Queen and Slim end in a run for the police after an accidental shoting of a white police officer. Like a modern Bonnie & Clyde they drive across America helped out along the way by colorful strangers and discovering their love for each other.

See it at KINO and Cinerama

Honey Boy

Semi-autobiographic story by actor Shia Lebeouf on his youth as a child actor and living with an abusive father. He portraits his own father in this funny, awkward and touching story.

See it at LantarenVenster, Cinerama, KINO

Do the Right Thing

Barack and Michelle Obama went to see this film during their very first date in 1989. This classic by Spike Lee shows you racial tensions on one of the hottest days between Italian – & African American citizens of Brooklyn. Unfortunately, the film is still strangely actual in modern day America.

See it at KINO and LantarenVenster

Call me by your name

Who doesn’t remember their first (summer-) love? This film is packed with summer heat, hormones and confusing situations. Travel to the Italian countryside sitting in your comfy cinema chair. 

See it at KINO

Also in theaters: Gladiator (20th birthday), La La Land, Color Out of Space, Jojo Rabbit, The Lighthouse many more.
Please notice: most cinemas ask you to buy your ticket via their website as seats are limited at the moment.