Beware of conformity

Tom Mom researches workplace camaraderie. What has he discovered? Friendship among co-workers is important, but there’s a tipping point. “It should not result in uncritical group conformity.”

New business development requires an exploratory mindset. A logical research question, therefore, would be: how do you foster this mindset?  

Having a good network within your organisation turns out to be very important in this respect. Tom Mom: “The larger the network, the more often its members encounter new ideas.” And when the network is characterised by trust, perhaps even genuine friendliness, then the sharing of information will naturally be even greater. “Colleagues will approach each other without hesitation, and will find it easier to say things like: hey, this looks like your area of specialty — what can you tell us about it? The one being approached will also be more willing to take the time to share what he or she knows in greater detail. And in so doing, you make greater strides and break new ground as a team.”

Read the whole article in ea. magazine.

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