Changing the world for students is what drives lecturer Ana Uribe Sandoval

Prijswinnaars OAY 2021
 Ana Uribe Sandoval receives Educational Prize from former Rector Magnificus Frank van der Duijn Schouten
Arie Kers

As a teacher dr. Ana Uribe Sandoval feels privileged to impact the future of students. The lecturer at the department of Media and Communication is this year’s winner of the Erasmus University Rotterdam Education Prize. “As lecturers, we are given in an act of faith the possibility to discuss with the students topics that will impact directly on everyone’s future.”

How do you feel about winning this prize?

“I’m of course very honored and also a little bit overwhelmed. It comes after a year that has been quite challenging for students and lecturers, and it feels like a very refreshing reward.”

What is your biggest drive and motivation as a teacher?

“The privilege that I have to talk to people and impact on their future. As lecturers, we are given in an act of faith the possibility to discuss with the students topics that will impact directly on everyone’s future. My drive is the joy of learning and teaching, of course, but also the possibility of changing the world for one of my students, in a way that they in time will open new paths for others. A sort of ‘pay it forward’ hoping for more critical and active thinkers.”

An example of Ana Uribe Sandoval’s work is her involvement in the minor Fashion Industry, in which she addresses the story of fashion and media. A close relationship in which “at a certain point the media was running fashion”, but which keeps evolving throughout time.

How are you making societal impact with your work?

“I honestly believe that we as teachers, lecturers, make societal impact by actually challenging students to be critical with themselves and everything that is happening around them. Specifically, I have the opportunity to question and discuss with them the stance of media, its possibilities, its challenges and the impact that it might have on our daily lives.”

Examples Ana Uribe Sandoval uses are fake news or the role of journalists as the ‘bad guy’. “If you understand how news is made and who own media, you know why it is made as it is. Media literacy, a higher comprehension and rational use of media is very much welcome at times like this.”

What are your plans for the future?

“To keep on teaching as I do until know: passionate about what I do, trying to ensure that my students find a safe space for exploration and dialogue on my classes. I’m also taking some time to write, which is one of my passions and I have not done in a very long time.”

Dr. Ana Uribe Sandoval is a lecturer at the department of Media and Communication at Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communication. On September 6th 2021 she received the EUR Education Prize 2021 during the Opening of the Academic Year 2021-2022.

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